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How to grow your agency even if your industry is completely disrupted

Acting Spark Podcast with Debbie Howard

The Agency Spark Podcast hosted by Sara Nay collected interviews with thought leaders in the marketing consulting and agency fields. Each episode is designed to inspire ideas that you can put into practice for your institution today.Check out the new Spark Lab consultation website Here!

In this episode of the Agency Spark Podcast, Sara interviewed Debbie Howard. Debbie is the co-founder of Senior Living SMART, a full-service marketing agency specializing in senior housing and care.

Questions Sara asked Debbie Howard:

  • Tell me about life before launching Senior Living SMART?
  • How does working in the industry you serve help you distinguish yourself from other organizations?
  • From a marketing and sales point of view, what impact does COVID have on the living space of the elderly?
  • How do you develop a comprehensive strategy for new customers?
  • Tell me about the market on your website and what inspired you to launch it?
  • How do you currently generate potential customers for your business?

Learn more about Debbie Howard:

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