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How to guide the perfect customer journey

John Jantsch’s Marketing Podcast

In this episode Tape Marketing Podcast, I’m going to talk about the first part of a three-part solo exhibition series about marketing hourglasses I’m doing. In the first part, I was talking about guiding the perfect customer journey. In the second part, I will discuss planning your content during the customer journey phase. Then in the third part, I will end this series with what I call a content planning seminar. This is the first part.

Key points:

Traditionally, marketing and sales funnels require a large target group and acquire some customers from it (the funnel analogy). It shows that the journey is linear. The funnel concept will never disappear, but about ten years ago, I defined a method that I think is still better-I call it the marketing hourglass. It borrows the shape of the funnel, but turns it upside down after purchase to help consciously explain the idea of ​​creating a superior customer experience.

I developed the marketing hourglass as a tool that can help you create pictures for your customers’ overall marketing strategy. In my opinion, this is a more comprehensive and effective method in the “customer age” we live in today. Our job is not to create demand, but to truly organize behavior. I believe this behavior belongs to the seven stages I discussed in this episode.

Discussion points:

  • [1:03] Compare traditional marketing and sales funnels with marketing hourglasses
  • [2:22] What are the seven stages of a marketing hourglass: know, like, trust, try, buy, repeat, recommend
  • [3:16] Break down the marketing hourglass stage into steps
  • [5:04] Map the customer journey and build your marketing hourglass
  • [7:33] Understanding the consciousness stage
  • [9:46] Thinking about customer transactions
  • [11:55] Establish a strategic partnership

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