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How to make people develop the habit of reading emails

Do you always open marketing emails from certain companies, while others ignore them completely?

For most of us, the answer is yes.with The average open rate hovers between 15-25%, Which means that an astonishing 75-85% of emails stay in the category of “completely ignored” in the minds of readers.

So, for marketers, the key question becomes, “How do you ensure your Activities are the kind that people always open? ”

In this article, we will provide you with actionable advice on how to get people into the habit of opening and reading your campaigns.

Stick to a consistent frequency

If readers don’t know when to open emails, they cannot develop the habit of opening emails.

This is why one of the most important things you can do is choose (and stick to) a consistent email newsletter rhythm.

The best practice for email frequency is for Twice a month. In 2021, Backlinko report Companies that send emails twice a month have the highest average open rate.

However, we recommend choosing the frequency that suits you-if you can’t promise twice a month, it’s better to choose a slower frequency instead of over-promising and letting your readers down.

Finally, once you have decided on the sending frequency, please share it with subscribers in advance. This helps build expectations, so subscribers can develop the habit of reading emails from the start.

For example, Campaign Monitor customer gist Highlight their email frequency in their opt-in form: “5 minutes every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday morning.”

Send emails when people have time to read

If your goal is to help people read more emails, make sure you don’t send emails when most subscribers are too busy to read.

We recommend that you review your list carefully to determine the best time and date to send the email. Check when you are most engaged, or search for patterns that people tend to subscribe to.

For general guidelines, Our research in 2019 Find The best day to send email newsletters is Wednesday to Friday. We also found that Best time to send email During typical weekday hours (9 am to 5 pm, excluding lunch time), and The highest open rate tends to be in the late afternoon (3pm to 4pm).

To eliminate the guesswork of sending time, you can also use Campaign Monitor “Optimize sending time” function, It chooses the sending time according to when your Subscribers have historically been the most active.

Choose a familiar “from” name

We are often asked what is the best “sender” name to use in your email marketing campaigns. Should it be your company name? Or should it come from a specific person within the company?

It really depends on whom people want to hear from. For example, if you want to sign up for our email newsletter, do you want to receive emails from Campaign Monitor or Aaron Beashel? Given that you have already registered for these emails from the Campaign Monitor website, it is most likely the former.

Therefore, in order to increase the open rate, please make sure that the “From” name you choose to use in your campaign meets user expectations.

Many companies use hybrid methods. E.g, Shopify Plus Use the “sender” name to personalize the reader experience, “Hailey” (the name of the team member), but also add “at Shopify Plus” so that readers know the company from which the email comes.

shopify-email example

Start with a great value welcome email

Welcome emails have been proven to increase open rates, resulting in The unique opening rate has increased by 86%.

In addition, sending a welcome email ensures that you attract readers’ attention when they are most engaged.Our research found that the clue is Highest participation after 48 hours of first subscription.

These statistics show why simply sending a welcome email can to a large extent allow your readers to develop the habit of reading your emails in the next few years. In order to amplify this effect, Send a welcome email full of value, Show your readers that opening your email always brings rewards.

This reward can be anything from great content to discounts. E.g, Andalu Natural Send an impressive value-added welcome email with a 20% discount:


Create high-quality reader-centric content

If you have a blog — or are using other content marketing techniques to attract visitors — relevant, high-quality content is the ideal way to get subscribers to read your emails.

Campaign Monitor customer BuzzFeed is a good example.

BuzzFeed rewards subscribers for opening their emails by including highly entertaining, shareable content that subscribers like to read.

This continuous reward for subscribers has allowed them to develop the habit of opening and clicking on ad campaigns, and has allowed BuzzFeed to build a highly engaged subscriber list, attracting millions of visits to their website every month.

To ensure that you create high-quality content for your list, always ask yourself: “What do subscribers get out of it?” before sending it.

This will help you avoid sending content that is of no value to your readers by mistake, such as boring company news or press releases.

wrap up

If you want to increase the number of clicks, conversions, and return on investment from email marketing campaigns, it’s important to keep subscribers involved in your campaigns over the long term.

Instead of focusing on increasing the open rate of individual emails, you can also increase the overall open rate by getting subscribers to join the email. habit Open and read your email activity.

This starts with basic strategies such as sticking to frequency, optimizing sending time, and always providing high value in emails.

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