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How to Succeed on Poshmark: The Ultimate Guide (2023)

I first started using Poshmark in 2016.I started with clean out my closet Making money by selling clothes that I never or rarely wear. Over the next few months I started listing more items and purchasing items for sale. I keep an eye on my sales reports to see what items are selling and look for similar items and brands to resell. Selling clothes online is a great way to make extra money while getting rid of items you no longer love.

Wondering how to succeed on Poshmark? Here’s the ultimate guide to selling on Poshmark.

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How to Successfully Sell Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories on Poshmark

Poshmark is an app for buying and selling clothes, shoes, and homewares online.

To sell more and make money:

  1. What to know Popular brands and products on Poshmark.
  2. Look at your sales reports to see what’s working and what’s not.
  3. Use relevant keywords so your listing appears in searches.
  4. Take great photos that make people stop scrolling.
  5. Connect with social media to build a community around your business.
  6. Use bundling to send messages to buyers.

Is selling on Poshmark worth it?

If you like making extra money selling items from your closet, then yes!

How to increase sales on the Poshmark app

When it comes to selling clothing online, you need the right tools (hard work and determination) to be successful and make extra cash. Social connections and influencers are redefining brand discovery. According to Poshmark’s 2020 Social Commerce Report, half of the Poshmark users surveyed work part-time in sales and use Poshmark as a side hustle.

  • 25% of Poshmark users consider themselves small business owners.
  • 45% of Poshmark sellers have repeat customers.
How to sell on Poshmark
Source: Poshmark

How to sell clothes on Poshmark for beginners

Here’s how to sell clothes on Poshmark:

How do I set up a Poshmark account?

Set up a profile with your email address to start selling clothing.

Does it cost money to sell clothes on Poshmark?

No, but Poshmark does charge a commission.

Polish Postal Commission: Poshmark gets $2.95 on all sales under $15. Poshmark takes 20% when your sales are $15 or more.

bosmark shipping: Poshmark’s flat shipping fee is $7.45 as long as the total weight of the order does not exceed 5 pounds. Shipping labels are emailed to you when you make a sale.

unexpected purchase: When using the “Buy Now” button, you have 3 hours to cancel.

sale tax: Items purchased on Poshmark and shipped to a U.S. address will be charged state and local sales tax (if applicable).

Increase sales on Poshmark

How to sell clothes fast on Poshmark

1. Check your sales reports

Want to learn how to sell more on Poshmark? Highlight the brands and products that are currently on sale in your wardrobe.

Poshmark allows sellers to access their sales reports via email. Use this data to search sales by year or find custom dates. Look at these numbers and use this information to help you determine which products are selling quickly and which products are not selling as well. Once you sell a few items, you’ll be able to spot sales trends or brands that are performing well and see how much money you made per item. If you’re new to Poshmark, you won’t have much to refer to, but once you’ve made a few sales, keep checking back.

Poshmark Trend Report: Currently the best-selling category

  1. Vest
  2. t-shirt
  3. shirt
  4. leggings
  5. Mini dresses and skirts
  6. sandals
  7. Midi dresses and skirts
  8. sports shoes
  9. bikini
  10. sports Shorts

2. Understand what the brand sells

If you want to learn how to sell on Poshmark, you have to understand your customers and which brands are in high demand. Make a list of items people want.

If this happens, you can relist the item, take new photos, and update the description. Try different brands to see what works for you.

When looking for new items for sale, check comparisons to see how much the item has sold for recently and when. Also, keep in mind that if there are dozens of the same thing, it may be difficult to sell the item for a high price.

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3. Use the right keywords

Want to get more views for your products? Treat every title and description as an opportunity to make a sale. Use the title and description spaces to add as many keywords as possible to describe the item so people can find your listing. For example, if you sell “red cocktail dresses,” you would include the brand, style, fabric, fit, and size.

use interest! It is a visual search engine tool that links back to your website or wardrobe.

Best resale brands

4. Build a community

Create a community with your Poshmark followers. Post engaging content on Instagram about the clothing you’re selling to create buzz in your closet. Use a scheduling app to schedule posts to save time.

Not sure what to post on Instagram? Try this:

  • Photos of the new listing.
  • Post photos of how you creatively package items. For example, a cute card or colorful tissue to let buyers know what to expect when purchasing from you.
  • Include reviews from satisfied customers.
  • Share your goals and the story of what you want to do with the money you earn.
  • Share photos of your favorite fashion purchases.
  • Let customers tag you on IG with photos of the clothes they purchased from you.

5. Use the bundling feature

If someone likes a few pieces in your wardrobe, send them a private message with a discount or ask for a fair quote. Contact the buyer and answer any questions or details about shipping.

How to succeed on Poshmark

6. Take good photos

You already know you need to take well-lit photos to get people to stop scrolling. When people shop online, they want to know what they are buying and the condition of the items. Get their attention by lying flat on your back, or if you have time, model an outfit. Search stock photos online by finding brands and using “keywords” to find images.

Before listing an item, look at the photos you took and ask yourself, “Would I stop what I’m doing and look at this item?”

7. Negotiation

If you receive a lowball offer, be sure to fight back. If you say no, you automatically end the potential sale. Send private messages to shoppers to discuss prices via the Bundle feature.

8. Acceptance of offer

If the offer is fair, don’t lose the sale by asking for a few extra bucks. It’s always a gamble when you use the counteroffer feature because you don’t know the buyer’s budget. Consider what is the better option for you: selling today or waiting forever and never getting the price you want.

Use these tips to help increase your Poshmark wardrobe sales.If you don’t have a Poshmark account yet, please use aloharax Save money on your first purchase.

bohemian winter clothing

where to sell clothes

When I first started selling clothes online, I quickly realized that if I wanted to make more money, I needed more inventory. Here are two amazing places where you can find great deals on brands and items.

  • Tip #1: View Sample Sales – Get the best deals on high-end brands at extremely low prices.
  • Tip #2: Swap clothes with friends and family – Refresh your inventory with new items by hosting clothing swaps to trade items you don’t sell.

Read more tips: Where to buy clothes for sale on Poshmark.

Conclusion: How to Sell on Poshmark

If you want to stand out, get more sales, and be successful on Pohsmark, be consistent with your listings. Use keywords and take high-quality photos. Use Bundles to communicate privately with shoppers. Know when to accept an offer. We hope you find these tips helpful in selling more clothes on Poshmark.

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