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I thought, maybe! , Yes-Spoken Language #8-Italian Podcast


Hi everyone, and welcome back to the Italian podcast. In “Oral Usage” in this episode, we will discuss some oral expressions such as “mi sa che” and “maybe!”. And there”.

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Let’s start with “mi sa che”, like all the expressions I suggest to you, it is widely used in spoken language and in this case is very simple. “I know” means “I believe”. Let’s give a few examples right away:

“I think Marco went for a run because he was not at home.”
“I don’t think I will go to the movies tonight, I have too much to do”
“I think we must Give up our trip (Abandon our trip, hike), It will rain all day tomorrow”

“I know” so it means “I believe”, “I think”, “Maybe…” etc. It is often used, but for some reason, it is one of the expressions not used by foreigners. Since it is a very common way of expression, you can use it to sound more “Italian” in your way of speaking.
“I know” is always used in the first person, and always with a certain degree. Therefore, we cannot say “I don’t know”. In fact, we first say “I know” and then “don’t know”, just like the second example I gave: “I don’t think I will go to the cinema”In addition, the following verbs are indicative. This may seem strange because “I know” Express uncertain (Commit uncertainty) We can expect it in a subjunctive tone, but it is not the case.
We can also say “I agree“, it’s like “I believe/think so” or “I do not think so”.
In addition, “I know” is only used in the first person. We cannot say “you know that”, “we know that” and so on. Just “I know”.


Another very common spoken word-pay attention to intonation-is “Maybe!”. Intonation is very important. I think you know the main meaning of “maybe”, which is similar to “maybe”, “it is possible that”, and “the is possible that”. “Maybe I will go to the cinema tomorrow”, this kind of possibility. But today I want to talk about a very special usage of “maybe”, which can be said to be an ironic usage. As always, I prefer to start with an example before explaining it to you.

“David, I feel it now (I have a hunch), This time you will win the lottery and make a lot of money”
“But maybe! I’ve been playing and never won..”

“They said the concert It won’t (will not occur) If it doesn’t rain within half an hour. Let’s hope it stops”
“If, maybe! The sky is gray! It will rain all day long!”

“I listen to you singing, you are really great. You should go to a talent show, you will be famous!”

By the way, talent is short for “talent show”. This is a common phenomenon in Italy, this kind of “shorten(shorten), If you want to know why it happened, please listen The episode about Anglicism.

So, putting aside this “self-promotion”, let us return to “maybe”. What does “maybe” mean? “Maybe” is an abbreviation for “maybe so” and “maybe what you said happened.”In other words, we want things to be like this, in a certain way, but We don’t have much hope (We don’t have much hope). We don’t believe it very much. We are a little pessimistic, maybe. Or we just don’t know. There are several variants: “But maybe!”, “Look, maybe!”, “Maybe!”.Everyone has one shadow (Nuances) It’s slightly different.I suggest you listen to how Italians use these expressions Catch them (Catch/catch/get them = capirle). Among other things, repeat the word “may” many times To me it no longer sounds like a real word (No longer sounds like a real word), Do you also have this situation? “Maybe” seems to be a false, false word.


Let’s continue with the last expression: “Have”. This is very colloquial and may be used mainly by younger generations, but it is so common that it is called “colloquial use” instead of put on label (put on label) As “slang”. Let’s make some examples:

“We can eat pizza tonight, what do you say? (what do you say? )
“right here!”

“Do you think he is making a kilo of spaghetti for 8 people? Still too much?”
“No, no, one kilogram. Too much is better than too little.”

“On the first question of the exam, I wrote about 10 lines. Do you think it’s enough?”
“Yes, I have written a little bit, but I will say there are 10”.

As you understand, “has” means “can”, “it can be good”, “enough”, “enough”. “It can fit” is similar, but adds a greater degree of uncertainty. But be careful, because “stay there” has a second meaning, which is “agree to do something” and “I participate in it.”

“Would you like to go to the mountain with us?”
“Yes, I went in.”
It’s not great, but Purely theoretical (Theoretically) We can say “Yes, yes! I am here, tomorrow I will accompany you”

On the contrary, “I am absent” means “I disagree” and “I do not accept”. It is also similar to “It does not fit me”, which means “I don’t like how things are/is this way”.Speaking of “I’m not here”, there is a famous video of the former president of the Republic

“I am not interested in this slaughter game. I feel responsible (I don’t think it is necessary) Don’t stay there”

It means “I don’t accept this game of massacre”, opening a very brief historical bracket, referring to the accusations against him at the time Inquire (survey)Clean hands“, the famous Italian anti-corruption investigation in the early 1990s. He was not present and he disagreed.

we come to the conclusion Summary Super Dialogue I used all these words and expressions in it.

“Hi, Fabio, are you and Stephania going to the mountain tomorrow?”
“Do not, I do not think so. we are The weather will be bad tomorrow. what are you doing? “
“I believe I will go Art exhibition (art exhibition) Recently opened.Maybe I found a picture you drew… not painting (painting) painting? “
“Eh, Maybe! No, I am not famous, nor good at drawing, but I will eventually appear in art exhibitions.However, if we don’t go to the mountain, Stefania and I can also come to the exhibition, and then we can join you (join you). Then we can go to eat pizza”
“of course, Have! I was also thinking, do you remember next week? Do you want to go to the stadium? “
“Well, yes, come on, why not, Count me in. It can be there.however Misa This will be a tough game! I don’t know if I can win”
“Yes Yes, I agree. This will be a tough game, but he will go to the court from time to time, I don’t go often. “
“Neither do I. But I want to participate in this year’s Champions League final. Would you like to come with me?”
Look, Marguerite! No, the cost of the Champions League final is too high. Then you have to fly to find a hotel.. no, Misa It will be a bit expensive for me”
“But at least go to the stadium with me next week! Okay?”
“Yes, come on, next week Have. Then let’s go buy tickets.

That’s all for today.I have a small request: if you like my podcast (it’s free!), I implore you to stay Comment on iTunes. This will help others discover podcasts. So help dear old David to make these podcasts so beautiful (or at least I hope they are).You can also register Youku Channel. Thanks for listening, see you next time!

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