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In the video, the “stout” deadly snake “relaxes” under the clothesline

After a venomous Oriental brown snake was found “shivering with cold” under a clothesline, a professional snake catcher was called to a property in Australia.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, a snake catcher, arrived at their home in Diddillibah, Queensland 24/7 to relocate the animal.

The entire capture is recorded by the enterprise and posted to its Facebook page. It shows how a catcher Stuart McKenzie carefully approached a snake lying in long grass.

Eastern Brown Snake It is a medium-sized snake, and its body color can be almost any brown. According to the Australian Museum, they are widely considered dangerous and can be found in various habitats in eastern Australia. They may also appear in the central and western regions of the Northern Territory.

The Australian Museum stated that the Eastern Brown Snake “has an unfortunate difference. It has caused more deaths from snake bites than any other snake species in Australia.”

When McKenzie tried to pick up the snake with a special tool, the snake quickly tried to escape.

However, Mackenzie then reached out and grabbed its tail, and said: “Fortunately it is cold. I tell you, this big summer boy will be very difficult.”

Mackenzie described the creature as about six feet long and “a unit of a snake.”

The snake catcher will observe the snake for a while, and then put it in the carrying bag to be relocated.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catcher 24/7 In the caption next to the video, it said: “Today, we went to a home in Didiliba to look for a 6-foot-tall Eastern Brown Snake, which shuddered under the clothesline!

“Thank God, this snake is still cold and doesn’t have much energy, but I can imagine that in the hot summer, this snake will be quite a lot! Please note that as soon as I get close to him, he just wants to get away.”

The same snake catching company Recorded another annotation Earlier this year, Mackenzie discovered the old skin of a giant python-but not the snake itself.

The venom of the eastern brown snake contains neurotoxins and other harmful chemicals, and a bite can cause paralysis and uncontrollable bleeding.

The Australian Museum stated that many bites “are the direct result of people’s attempts to kill these snakes and are clearly avoidable.”

It advises people to wear long pants, thick socks and sturdy shoes as precautions, and points out that anyone suspected of being bitten should seek medical attention immediately.

A stock photo of a young eastern brown snake. These snakes have harmful venom.

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