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Italian word of the day: Menomale (Thank God)

There is no better interjection in Italian to express your relief. That's very good.In English it can be translated as thank godor more casually, like a sigh of relief—— Yo ~!

less method less However male method badso the literal meaning of this expression is “not so bad”.

Studio shot of a young woman on gray background.Studio shot of a young woman on gray background.
I passed the exam, thank God! = I passed, thank God!

The academic community is concerned about whether That's very good It should be written in one or two words.according to Kruska Academythere are more registered cases That's very good is written as two words instead of one. What's more, many dictionaries don't even treat it as a separate word, but as an expression. less (less).

anyway, Kruska Academy Indicate that both variants are correct and even encourage the use of unified spelling to distinguish it from alternative meanings”not so bad / It's not that bad.

If it is followed by a declarative sentence Thank God… (Thank God…), the verb in this sentence should be in the indicative mood, not the subjunctive mood. For example:

There are several possible synonyms for That's very good include:

  • Fortunately = Fortunately, fortunately
  • Fortunately = Fortunately, fortunately
  • Thank God = Thank God
  • thank god = thank god

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