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Jada can collect Marvel and DC die-cast vehicles and models

*Disclosure-We received these products for this article. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

If I make a pound for every die-cast car the boys own, I will become a millionaire! They are really timeless toys that can be traced back several generations. Craig, like my two brothers, has been collecting die-cast toys since childhood. We recently received some beautifully collected die-cast Marvel cars from Jada, and they did not disappoint!

Jada die-casting can collect Marvel cars and dolls

The Jada die-cast Marvel series is perfect for collecting. Although the wheels can turn and play, they are more like collectibles than toys, so the recommended age is over 14 years old. The details are shocking, and each one is numbered.

Jada Spiderman Diecast Ford Doll

This *Spiderman die-cast car It is a Ford GT 40 2017, about 20 cm long. It uses the iconic Spider-Man red and blue with a Ford badge on the front that can open the door, trunk and hood.
The finish of this piece is so good that you can recognize it as a Spider-Man car at a glance. A die-cast model is included in the package, but it is not hinged and cannot be placed in the car. Again, this is indeed a collector’s edition, very suitable for display purposes. These are more like gifts for tweens, teenagers and even fathers.

Spiderman Diecast Ford GT 40 2017 Collection Car

Rear view of Spiderman Ford GT 40 2017 collection car

Jada Panther Die Casting

This is very similar to the Spider-Man series, although this time the car is a 1:24 scale model of Lykan Hypersport.

This *Lykan Hypersport die casting It’s a very detailed copy, with the door, trunk and hood. This set contains a 6 cm high black panther die-cast model. The color and design of Lykan Hypersport are very suitable for Black Panther’s character, which once again becomes the perfect gift door for any adult Black Panther fan, even just Lykan fan.

Side view of Black Panther's Lykan Hypersport collectible die-cast car

Panther Lykan Hypersport Collection Car

Panther Die Cast Collection

For fans of the classic TV series “Batman and Robin”, the ratio is 1:32*Die-cast Batmobile and classic Batman models.
Once again there are a lot of wonderful details, very suitable for all DC fans.

Batman classic die-cast cars and characters

Do you know someone will collect these?

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