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Jeremy Hinsdale, Senior Web Producer

Staff Spotlight: Jeremy Hinsdale, Senior Web Producer

By Judy Jamal
|July 7, 2021

Jeremy’s work transforms the research of the Earth Institute into the Internet through interactive data visualization and photo essays.

This Staff focus The series features Earth Institute staff from Morningside, Lamont and Irvine Medical Center campuses.This series aims to highlight the important work done by our staff to keep the Earth Institute running smoothly and support us mission Lead the world on a more sustainable path. These interviews discuss the careers of the staff, their interest in our research, and insights that may be relevant and useful to the rest of us.

The focus of this month is Jeremy Hinsdale, senior web producer on the communications team at the Earth Institute.

How did you establish contact with the Earth Institute?

My previous position was a technical producer of TV shows Now in PBS. NOW is produced by a team of first-class journalists and is a much-needed voice in the media field in the 2000s. When the operation of NOW ended in 2010, I was determined to continue working for an organization that had a positive impact on the world. I heard the good news from the Earth Institute, so when there was a vacancy at EI, I quickly applied.Fortunately, the tech guru is my resume Arif Nori Pulled out of a big hat.

Strangely, shortly after I was hired, whenever Mr. Noori went on vacation, he started pranking. Once, when we were away, Gumby and Pokey playfully TP his monitor. Maybe one day, this jackal will be caught on the spot, but I won’t bet.

A display with toilet paper on it

Photo: Jeremy Hinsdale

What makes your work interesting and enjoyable?

Working at the intersection of cutting-edge science, education, and practice is awesome.As part of the communications department, my job is to help translate The surprising breadth of research at the Earth Institute When it comes to the web, I really enjoy working with researchers to create innovative, interactive, data-driven visualizations and components.I’m always learning new things, whether it’s about Increase heat and humidity, Lead radiation from the fire in Notre Dame de Paris, Or Rainwater harvesting in Mexico City.

It is now a shameless plug-in: I am always looking for interesting projects, data and cooperation opportunities. So if we can build something cool together, please feel free to contact us!

Since you started working as a memory, has anything impressed you?

There are many things! In 2012, I traveled to India to record The important work of Columbia Water Center is there. This is an eye-opening trip, and I can write a book about the short weeks I spent there.If a photo is really worth a thousand words, then maybe mine Photo article “India, water, culture” Is the short version.

Indian waterwheel

Photo: Jeremy Hinsdale

How do you anticipate our new normal?

I hope we can come out of the pandemic with some positive lessons and a new sense of purpose. The pandemic proves that we can reduce global carbon emissions in the context of uncivilized collapse, countries can work together to achieve common goals, and some “old normal” ways of doing things no longer work. We humans are very smart, and when we work together, there are almost no limits to what we can accomplish. What excuse do we have for not doing our best to build a better future?

what is your hobby?

I like riding bicycles and fiddling with bicycles. I believe this is one of the greatest inventions of mankind.My digital art work last year Consciousness generator be listed in SciArt Magazine’s “algorithm” problem. I think I have taken some good photo these years.Somehow, I became interested in dinosaurs earlier this year. After finding some beautiful open source data, I established Dinosaur map. My next pet project involves the “creepy puppets” that friends like to say, so be careful!

What are you going to do next?

I am very happy to be a new part Columbia Climate SchoolThe Climate Institute will bring together some of the brightest researchers, practitioners and students to meet the most pressing challenges facing the planet. Obviously, now is the time to act on climate change and protect our biosphere for the future. We are standing at the foot of a terrible mountain, but we are also about to take the next adventurous step in human history. Let’s start the journey!

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