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JUUL will pay a settlement of US$40 million for marketing to minors

The popular e-cigarette company JUUL will pay North Carolina US$40 million to settle a two-year lawsuit requiring them to change their marketing methods for minors.

The settlement fund will be paid to young people affected by its products and paid in 6 years.

In 2019, North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein accused JUUL of marketing its products to children and misleading the public about the risks associated with these products.

A weekly order restricts all sales and advertising of e-cigarette brands in North Carolina. JUUL must also provide funds to help those who are addicted to e-cigarettes.

JUUL is known for its delicious “pod” selection, which is very attractive to minors. They will be affected, thinking that what they inhale is just a “fruity mist”, but in fact, a whole pod can be compared to a pack of cigarettes.

“According to this consent order, JUUL cannot sell mints. It cannot sell mangoes, caramel pudding or any other flavors,” Stein asked in a press conference after the hearing.

“JUUL must abandon all marketing strategies and content that attract young people. JUUL will be banned from influential advertisements, outdoor advertisements near schools, sponsorship of sports events and concerts, and most importantly, most social media advertisements. “He says.

It is officially announced that “JUUL cannot use anyone under the age of 35 in its advertisements. Juul cannot claim that its e-cigarettes are safer or better for your health than combustible cigarettes.”

When you buy JUUL’s, you will need an age verification system to check the IDs of all the places where you decide to sell its products. The mystery shopper will ensure that the store follows this procedure.

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