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Kanha Earth Lodge | Pugdente Tour

It has been many years since I traveled to Madhya Pradesh and visited Kanha with me. Pugdenti Tour Seems to be the best opportunity to solve this problem.We drove down from Delhi and spent the night in Orcia, the next day we were in Kanha Earth Inn, In the embrace of nature!

They have a total of 12 luxurious bungalows with beautiful open balconies, and we even slept in them on a sunny afternoon. The design is inspired by Gonde architecture and attaches great importance to sustainability and the use of local materials as much as possible. My favorite part of the bungalow is the shower area. This is what our bedroom looks like🙂

Our first ever Madhya Pradesh Wildlife Park Kanha Earth Inn It turned out to be very lucky, because we witnessed the tigress Neelam coming back to kill her, driving away the jackals and vultures that were foraging on it, and then transporting the carcass away and feeding her cubs to further forests. Our day is complete!

Pugdenti Tour During these covid times, they certainly have taken all measures to make their property as safe as possible for guests. Hand sanitizers are placed in key locations. The body temperature of all guests is checked randomly. Of course, when checking in, the food in their restaurant is served on the table, and all employees wear masks in the correct way. I really like their dining and entertainment area where you can read some books, and they also show nature-related documentaries for lovers every night.

We like to enjoy cold beer in the winter sun, click on the butterfly that greets us, and dine outdoors to spend the afternoon.

Kanha Earth Inn They also provide other lovely experiences for their guests, such as cycling, exploring local villages and my favorites-this is an evening hike, watching the sunset from a brilliant vantage point, where we were at sunset by the river Eat popcorn and beer and saw the sun setting on the river. So beautiful!

Leave you some lovely photos that I clicked on during my stay there. Hope you like them!

At our morning safari’s breakfast point.


Picnic at sunset by the river

Afternoon beer and butterflies

Our sunset hike

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