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Lemon Vinaigrette Recipe | Happy Healthy Eating

this light lemon vinaigrette A hint of Dijon and thyme is an easy way to jazz up a salad. Sprinkle in some spicy red pepper flakes and it makes an irresistible 5-minute condiment or marinade!

Homemade lemon vinaigrette in a glass jar. Homemade lemon vinaigrette in a glass jar.

Why You’ll Love This Lemon Vinaigrette Recipe

Once you try this garlic lemon vinaigrette, you'll never want to buy store-bought dressing again.

  • Suitable for beginners. You just stir all the ingredients together to create a rich, homemade condiment.
  • Clean it up a bit. One bowl provides everything you need to make this recipe.
  • Better than store bought. Adjust sweetness, flavor and heat to taste. There aren't any weird ingredients in the seasoning either.
  • Fast. Ready in 5 minutes!
Lemon vinaigrette label ingredients. Lemon vinaigrette label ingredients.

what do you need

The sweet honey balances the mustard and lemon flavors. Scroll to the recipe card at the bottom of the post for exact quantities.

  • Dijon Mustard – Stone ground mustard is perfect for this. Avoid American yellow mustard.
  • Honey – Feel free to use maple syrup or agave nectar instead.
  • Red pepper flakes – Chili peppers are a great substitute.
  • Thyme – You can use dried or fresh.
  • garlic – I prefer fresh garlic and minced garlic. Garlic powder can give the dressing a grainy texture.
  • Salt – Kosher salt is best.
  • lemon juice – If using lime juice, reduce the amount by half.
  • Olive oil – You can use virgin or extra virgin.

How to Make Lemon Vinaigrette

Once you try this 5-Minute Lemon Vinaigrette, there's no reason to go back to the store-bought dressing. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see the full recipe card.

  • Mix it up. Place all seasonings in a bowl and stir until smooth. Set aside until ready to serve.

Tips and variations

smoked paprika Pungent ginger adds so much depth to this simple lemon vinaigrette.

  • Serve it honey mustard style. Reduce the amount of lemon juice to 2 tablespoons. Prepare the recipe as usual for a sweeter, less tangy mixture, more like a honey mustard sauce.
  • Emulsify it. Mix the ingredients together until the oil no longer separates from the mustard. The dressing should be slightly thick and light yellow in color.
  • Add more flavor. Stir 1/2 tablespoon chopped (or julienned) ginger and 1 minced shallot into the dressing for a richer aroma.
  • Season it. Mix 1 teaspoon smoked paprika and 1/2 teaspoon Herbs de Provence for even more depth.
  • Turn the temperature up. Add more red pepper flakes to taste. You can also use cayenne pepper or chili oil to give the dressing a slightly spicy kick.
A bowl of tangy lemon vinaigrette.A bowl of tangy lemon vinaigrette.

How to use lemon vinaigrette

You can use this lemon vinaigrette to brighten up your favorite salad, like mine tomato salad or Easy Arugula Salad. This is also a good outfit for me Cilantro Lime Quinoa with Black Beans and Chicken Shawarma Bowl. This is also an excellent marinade for poultry. Try it with mine Air Fryer Chicken Breasts, Grilled whole chicken and Lemon Garlic Butter Grilled Chicken.

Store correctly

It always comes in handy to have some salad or quick marinade on hand.

  • counter: Store in an airtight jar or container away from direct heat for up to 2 days.
  • refrigerator: Store in glass jars (sealed) for up to 10 days.

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This 5-minute lemon vinaigrette with garlic, mustard, and honey is an easy dressing to whip up and keep on hand.

  1. Add all ingredients to a medium bowl and stir until completely combined.

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