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Mahaveer Giri Swetamber Jain Temple

Mahaveer Giri, formerly known as Manua Bhan Ki Tekri, is a historic hilltop temple. The first time I saw this temple was during my stay in Noor-Us-Sabah Palace. On the first morning, when I opened the curtains, what I saw was a mountain view shrouded in mist. When the fog cleared, I could see the ancient Manua Bhan ki Tekri or Mahaveer Giri (now named by the mayor) wandering on the top of the mountain. Although the temple looks small from a distance, some of its things interest me. Maybe, its energy!

Mahaveer Giri from Noor-Us-Sabah Palace
Mahaveer Giri from Noor-Us-Sabah Palace Junior Suite (photographed in the early morning)

Mahaveer Giri Swetamber Jain Temple

I knew before I left Bhopal, I must take a closer look at this harmonious performance. So later that day, I got a driver-driven city tour of Noor-Us-Sabah Palace, which happened to end at Mahaveer Giri Swetamber Jain Temple. From ancient buildings to religious diversity, from local customs to extraordinary gastronomic experiences, Bhopal, Nawabs city is full of cultural surprises. What I experienced briefly during the 3-hour city tour. We started with the upper and lower lakes, then visited several mosques, visited some of the architectural treasures of Old Bhopal, and finally ended the trip at Mahaveer Giri in the former Manua Bhan Ki Tekri.

Mahaveer Giri's way back

As we drove close to the airport road, my driver began to reveal small details about this important landmark. Before I knew it, we had reached the open entrance that marked a section of uphill.The driver slowed down, stretched his hand out of the car window, pointed to the large ropeway on the right, and happily shouted: “For the convenience of residents and tourists, the government has set up this ropeway. It stabilizes a reliable connection to the top of the mountain.”As we drove through the ropeway, he continued to talk about the complexity of early uphill trips.

Mahavir Giri of Bhopal

He said: “Before we could only drive or walk uphill. Now with the ropeway, everyone can visit the temple for very little money.” So I asked him: “Why is it so important for residents to visit this temple? I bet It’s very old.” Just then, he shared a true story. He told me, “Mahaveer Giri was built by Jain believers in the 10th century. This temple is near Lal Ghati, on the top of Bairagarh rd hill, overlooking the blue lake of Bhopal from the plantation boundary. Most of us come here. It is to enjoy the picturesque scenery. In terms of history, this temple is dedicated to Mantua, who was a mocker in Raja Bhoj’s court.

Mahavir Giri

He pleased the court by performing interesting behaviors. One day, he decided to resign from his official position and engage in spiritual activities. Raja Bhoj expressed appreciation for Mantua’s behavior and announced that the mountain was named after him. Over time, Mantua received the titles of Mantugacharya and Mahaveer Giri, built in his name, and seven other caves nearby. “When I rolled down the car window to admire the beauty of Bhopal, the evening breeze stroked my cheek. I could see the lake in the distance. The entire hilltop driveway was so peaceful that I just wanted to come back and sit in one of them. On a lounge bench, savor the best scenery in Bhopal for hours.

Manua Bhan Ki Tekri

When I was approaching the temple, the driver spoke again. He went on to say: “Mom, did you know that many famous Jain saints have visited this magnificent temple. When you go in, be sure to check out Maharaj Shri Vijay Suriji, Acharya Manuton And Shri Jindutta Sureshwarji shoes. The temple authorities preserved them as tribute souvenirs. ” At this time, we have arrived. This is a good chat. I know a lot about this temple, now is the time to visit it. Like many other ancient designs, the Mahaveer Giri temple has a large spiral biblical staircase centered on the main column.

Mahavir Giri Jain Temple

The walls of the upcoming temple were painted bright corn yellow, gradually turning to Dijon yellow. The Singha Gate at the entrance of the temple displays exquisite manuscripts, which are intricately carved on stone slabs. These manuscripts are one of the oldest texts in India because their language still needs to be deciphered. To prevent the carvings from wilting, the temple management department strictly prohibits taking pictures in the museum. very fair! Here, I was chatting with a Pandit, and he told me that the history of Mahaveer Giri Temple can be traced back to the Oswar Dynasty, a Jain community that originated in Rajasthan.

Therefore, the architectural style strongly reflects the unique Rajasthani art. He cleared his throat and continued: “During the reign of Begum Qudsiya, a statue of Lord Mahavir was found in this temple, which was later transferred to Bhopal Chok ( Shwetambar Jain Temple in Bhopal Chowk.” I looked around and have to tell you that this temple is really amazing and worth a visit! Mahaveer Giri can be visited at any time, however, they said that November is the best month for the temple to host the Kartik Purnima Festival.

A large gathering is held every year to learn about Kartik Purnima’s traditional rituals. I hope to be part of the celebration soon. After 30 minutes in the temple and another 15 minutes on the road, I returned to my hotel with a smile and a sense of satisfaction. Today’s sightseeing is my first sightseeing in Bhopal, and I immediately fell in love with it.

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