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McKinsey – The Growth Trio: Creativity, Analysis and Purpose

Brian Solis joins McKinsey Cannes Lions, International Festival of Creativity, First Research Exploration Prioritized”Growth triple play‘ creativity, analysis and purpose.

presentation is here (registration required).

Key findings:

  • Only 7% of companies achieve the growth trio by unifying creativity, analytics and purpose. They drove average revenue growth of 2.3x compared to their peers in 2018-19 (2.7x compared to their peers in 2019-20).
  • During 2018-19, companies using only one of these competencies (creativity, analytics or purpose) grew on average over 6%. After adding the second component, the growth rate climbed to over 7%. For enterprises with full triple play, the growth rate climbed to over 12%.
  • CMOs have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lead growth, as 78% of CEOs now look to CMOs and marketing leaders to drive growth.

Brian Solis, Salesforce’s global innovation evangelist and eight-time best-selling author, said technology has made today’s consumers expect that they can get whatever they want, no matter what they want, in minutes. This high standard would simply not have been possible without analysis and a firm focus on the customer. This also includes organizational transformation. “We have become a 360-degree customer service company because we are helping customers organize and digitally transform entirely around customers and customer insights to deliver real-time value throughout the customer journey. The goal is to create connected, intuitive and personal The “Ignite Moment”, when you get someone’s attention and you know their intentions, you can provide the best, most personal, efficient, convenient and “wow” experience possible. Analytics helps companies in real-time Understand these needs; AI and automation can even help them respond ahead of time.”

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