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Meal plan ideas for week 32

We are back with another meal plan. I currently follow a very low-calorie diet within a week. According to the plan, I have meal replacements (milkshakes) during the day, and then eat the same meal with everyone at tea time. This is just a way. I can lose a few pounds a week without feeling it is a battle. This is our plan for dinner this week.

on Monday – Tortellini with cheese and ham Kiev.

on Tuesday – Pork burger with sweet potato fries.

on Wednesday – Potato gratin with bacon, broccoli and roasted carrots.

Thursday – spaghetti. A dinner without faff always goes well.

Friday —— Slow Cooker KebabThe taste is as good as the French fries shop, but far less greasy.

on Saturday -KFC hospitality. I look forward to the weekend because it was unplanned.

on Sunday -Roast chicken dinner with all vegetables and super gravy.

What are your plans for dinner this week?

Nail me!

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