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Meet the Ultimate Working Dog-Working Kelpie

The working Kelpie is one of the best workers in the world. They are efficient, alert and eager to work long hours. Read on to learn more about this unique variety.

The work Kelpie is a very smart and alert dog, friendly by nature, and has achieved an extraordinary balance between work and rest.

They are very active and have huge energy levels. The working kelpies are loyal and loyal, and have a strong natural instinct for herding sheep and other livestock.

This is a medium-sized dog with strong muscles and active nature, able to work long hours. In Sweden, this breed is busy serving as a police dog and search and rescue dog.

They thrive in company. Therefore, they can be happy to spend a few hours outside to do something and stay active, but they will also like quiet and relaxing moments at home.

This dog is definitely not suitable Raising a dog for the first timeAnd this breed must not spend a day without mental or physical stimulation to keep them busy and entertained.

They get along well with their children, and because of their nature, they can get along with Other family pets.

Quick facts

Real name: Australia Kelpies
Other names: Kelpie, Barb
Frequently used nicknames: Farmer Dog
origin: Australia
Variety type: work dog
weight: 28-60 lb
height: 19-25 inches
life: 12 – 15 years old
Litter size: 4 – 7 puppies
colour: Black, black and tan, red, red and tan, chocolate, chocolate and tan, blue, blue and tan, fawn, fawn and tan, cream, black and white
coat:Short double coat

Kelpie History of Work

The Kelpie has a very famous ancestor-an English dog called a shepherd. Most of these dogs are brown, dark brown and black dogs. The first border collie was brought to Australia in 1901.

Many people believe that the Kelpies are partly derived from dingoes. A genomic study conducted in 2019 showed that the Kelpies did not have dingo ancestry, so the suffering was solved once and for all.

So far, the history of the breed has been well explained. It started with a pair of sheepdogs, Brutus and Gini brought from Jedburgh, Scotland.

At that time, Australia’s wool production business continued to grow, and farmers needed additional help to handle inventory. Working Kelpie is a great addition to dealing with sheep and vast land.

They look like perfect working dogs, not domestic companions. Even today, they are still perfect working dogs on farms and ranches all over the world.

The American Kennel Club has registered the working Kelpie as a different breed from the Australian Kelpie in its foundation stock service. On the other hand, the United Kennel Club has registered these two breeds as one breed.

Appearance of working kelp

The working Kelpie is a medium-sized dog with a sporty appearance. Their ears are erect, and their whole body is covered with a soft coat.

The coat is usually black, black, and tan, but there are other options, such as blue, red, and tan, fawn, or a fan with other color options.

As a general rule, multiple coat colors are allowed. They have three coating types in working Kelpie: short, smooth and tough.

Some Kelpies may even have a small white flame on the chest or some white spots. Sometimes they have a double coat, which falls off mainly in the spring.

Work Kelpie Vs.Show Kelpies

Although we are talking about the same breed here, there are some differences in working and displaying the Kelpies.

Work kelp

As mentioned above, working Kelpie has three coating types, and the coating color may vary. They can even vary in size from 19-25 inches and weigh between 28-60 pounds.

As working dogs, they are effective and efficient, which can save farmers’ working time. They can easily store goods in remote areas and can transport them over long distances in extreme climates and conditions.

In fact, they have the instinct to manage livestock. They will easily work with many domestic animals and do their best to complete their work in the best possible way.

A good working Kelpie is a versatile dog-they can work all day on farms, stations, pastures, remote areas, etc., and can even participate in dog sports, such as agile.

They are very good jumpers, so make sure your backyard is safe and secure.

Show Kelpies

There are many colors for the work Kelpie, but for the show, only a few shades are accepted, including:

  • Black
  • chocolate
  • Red
  • Please
  • Smoky blue
  • Black and tan
  • Red and tan

They must have piercing ears and double coats.

Kelpies of other colors can be registered as pets and sport dogs.

First Kelpies was first exhibited at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in the early 20th century.

Since then, their popularity has increased significantly, and now they are used as companion dogs, family pets, sports dogs and Running partner.

Because of their kind nature, need to please and work, and low maintenance, they can be found all over the world.

Work kelpie personality

This is a breed with alert and eager temperament.

As a real shepherd dog, Working Kelpie is very alert to the surrounding environment and always pays attention to everything. No one can approach them without being noticed.

So to some extent, they are considered a fair watchdog. Because of their professional ethics and energy level, they are best suited to work in farms and rural areas.

They are not suitable to spend a whole day in an apartment unless you have an organized and active outdoor life-in this case, they can cope with the busy city life. When they are bored, they become destructive and anxious.

As you may already know when an anxious dog is prone to develop Separation anxiety, This is something that should be treated with care.

The best way to make them happy is to involve them in some kind of activity.

In general, this is a smart and intelligent breed with strong intuition and strong personality. They are known for their loyalty and strong dedication to their work.

Work kelpie training

Training and early socialization are the two main factors that determine how your dog will perform.

Do you know dogs can learn Basic command As of eight weeks?

This is true, because puppies can master their first command at such a young age.

If you feel that the training you have done is too much for you, you can consider puppy courses, or hire a professional dog trainer, who will first work with your dog one-on-one, and then-if necessary, will you Including brilliantly.

Make sure you get appropriate advice from a reputable animal handler/veterinarian or trainer who can provide you with specific advice and help you resolve any behavioral issues in advance.

Training courses should be short, regular, interesting, and have a lot of hospitality.

Any dog ​​will like active intensive training treat.

Just make sure you monitor your dog during training and shape them around the dog’s reactions, emotions, and general behavior.

Work Kelpie Beauty

Grooming is an important process for raising a healthy and happy dog.

If you don’t like to spend a few hours a week brushing your dog, you should be happy to hear that this is a smooth coat breed with very little undercoat, which means that grooming will be a relatively easy job.

Brush once a week, as long as you have the right beauty tools On hand.

The rest is basic care:

  • Check your ears regularly and learn how to clean them
  • View Gums Provide Kelpie foods that promote dental health every week
  • Don’t bathe Kelpie unless it’s really necessary-dogs don’t need to bathe as often as humans do
  • Trim or Sharpen your nails Often-too long nails can cause pain, splitting and cracking

Work Kelpie Health

A working Kelpie is usually a healthy dog. When working with a responsible breeder, you can be sure that you get a healthy dog.

A reputable breeder will always provide you with medical documentation about the breed, show you the facility and let you see the puppy’s parents and others Dog brother.

If this does not happen, please know that you are dealing with a puppy factory, and if this is the case, please go away.

Becoming a responsible dog owner means that you have to keep learning-understand the dog’s needs, health, personality characteristics, training methods, etc.

One of the most important things is to pay close attention to the dog’s health and overall well-being. With this in mind, try to learn as much as possible about the specific health issues in the breed.

So far, the recommended health test for this breed is Elbows and hips.

Thanks to regular veterinary inspections, you can prevent any health-related confusion and even detect any potential medical problems in time.

In addition, once you have a dog, you are directly responsible for one of the dog’s biggest health problems- obesity.

Make sure you understand the feeding schedule, the feeding method, and you know how much your dog should eat at each stage: Puppies do not have the same food needs as the elderly.

Make sure you don’t overuse snacks. For training purposes, always use snacks designed for training.

Watch out for table debris and make sure you know which Human food Which is safe for dogs and which is not.

If you have any concerns about your dog’s diet, weight, or overall health, be sure to consult your veterinarian.

Bottom line

A muscular dog is definitely not a dog Raising a dog for the first time.

This breed requires a lot of training, patience and firm hands, knowing how to get the most from the dog through excellent training methods and correct treatment.

Because they are very active, it is difficult to get along with them, which is why you should carefully consider whether you have the time and energy to raise a dog, and whether the breed is right for you.

Don’t forget: a tired dog is a good dog. They learn quickly and like to be busy, so make sure you plan your activities and make the training sessions fun and challenging.

Therefore, if you want a dog that is medium-sized, looks natural, likes to work and is active all day, and can learn almost anything, then the work Kelpie may be for you.