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Mom lost all her teeth after 4 pregnancy

A social media celebrity lost all his teeth after four pregnancies and started wearing full dentures at the age of 34.

Alicia Hebner, known as Princess Glitterhead on TikTok and Instagram, began to lose her adult teeth when she was pregnant with her first child at the age of 21. 7News.com.au Report. She got married the year before last.

“We have our first daughter. At that time I noticed that my teeth were beginning to hurt and become more sensitive,” the outlet quoted Hebner as saying.

Hebner, 36, a mother of four children, recalled that her teeth “turned yellow very fast” and “feeled like they were softening.” Then she lost two teeth in two weeks.

Her dental health will only continue to deteriorate with each of her four pregnancies. “Every time I get pregnant, I lose my teeth. In the years between two pregnancies, I really don’t remember what my teeth do other than break and fall out,” Hebner said.

Hebner eventually pulled out all the rotten teeth, which was an operation covered by her insurance.


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The mother said that she is prone to tooth loss and decay, and pregnancy will only accelerate the decay. She described malnutrition during childhood and adulthood due to allergies and picky eaters.

Todd Shatkin, Hebner’s dentist, said her case was abnormal, but explained that pregnancy can be harmful to the body and that pre-existing diseases do increase the chance of tooth loss.

“When you experience pregnancy, a woman’s body will undergo a lot of changes. You have a lot of hormones. You consume a lot of nutrients in your body to feed your children. Sometimes you lose bones and calcium in the bones. Tooth, you will get more More recurrent tooth decay,” the dentist said.

Tooth loss and decay during pregnancy are not uncommon and are mainly caused by gingivitis during pregnancy. This happens when hormonal changes during pregnancy cause the gums to loosen their grip on the teeth and accelerate decay.

Approximately 60% to 75% of people have experienced gingivitis during pregnancy, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Catrise Austin, a New York City dentist, said the main symptoms of this disease are redness, swelling, tenderness, and tooth decay or looseness-the latter can cause teeth to become loose or even fall out.

This happens naturally, and once it already exists, there is nothing to stop it. But Austin says one way to manage it is to increase the number of dental visits.

“I know that as a dentist, we recommend that you visit the dentist every six months. Sometimes we want to monitor you more frequently because we want to control bacterial levels,” she said.

Hebner, she has been sharing her story with her 2.4 million users Tik Tok Followers insist that potential tooth loss should not change a person’s family planning goals.

“If you want to start a family, focus on all those positive things, all these beautiful things,” she said. “No matter what happens in terms of health, having a baby is more important than anything that can happen.”

Hebner now uses her platform rest Stigma around dentures.

Express. Alicia Hebner, also known as Princess Glitterhear, uses her platform to inspire others and change the stigma of using dentures.
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