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Monsterverse Godzilla and King Kong Action Doll

* Disclosure-We received these products for this review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

My eldest son has been a fan of Godzilla and King Kong for many years. He can tell the name of each character and the movie they starred in, even from many years ago!
So when we receive some selections of Monsterverse characters, you can imagine the excitement in our home!

Monsterverse action dolls are over 4 years old

Kong Dongbao classic toy doll

Jayden likes King Kong and already has a huge King Kong. This smaller classic version with a height of 16 cm is adapted from the movie “Skull Island”. I think the details of the Monsterverse characters are great. Toho It has articulated joints for multiple poses (like all Monsterverse characters).

Mastervers kong toy figure

Classic Gagan Action Figure

this is *Toho classic character Jigan From the movie Godzilla: The Final War 2004. The cyborg Gigan is both a monster and a robot. He has a blade on his arm and a circular saw stomach that looks serious. He has bright red wings and red threatening eyes.

Gigan Toho classic toy figure from Monsterverse

Space Godzilla

Another detailed action figure of fab is *Space Godzilla image Adapted from the movie “Godzilla vs. Space Godzilla”. Space Godzilla, also 16 cm tall, was created by Godzilla’s cells drifting into space. Space Godzilla came to Earth with many superpowers, including the ability to make crystal weapons.

Space Godzilla Toho classic toy figure from Monsterverse

Jayden said he likes how realistic they look and how similar they are to the fictional characters. He also likes articulated joints, so he can put them in any position he wants when they fight.

There are other dolls to collect in this fab series, they are very suitable for Kaiju fans like Jayden.

Do you know anyone wants these?

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