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“My Next Villain Life” Season 2 Episode 2 live broadcast details and spoilers

Although Katarina tries to avoid the stage, she may have to speak for someone because the show is about to begin in “My next life as a villain: All roads lead to the end! X” season 2, episode 2.

Official website Released Spoilers and summary of the second episode. After the actor was injured, Katarina was asked to join the play.

She got the script and was surprised when she read her part. It will be interesting to see how Katarina overcomes her stage fears and expresses her lines.

inside The last episode, With the title “I avoided my doom flag, so I was taken away at the cultural festival.” Catalina was very happy that she could avoid the doom flag. Later, Gerrard told her about the upcoming school festival and she was excited about the various food stalls that would appear during the event.

Catalina visited the student union office and was frustrated because she could not sell vegetable products. She asked Maria to use her vegetables to make candies, and they would find a way to sell them. At the same time, the students are preparing for the upcoming drama, and they need Katarina’s help.

“The wealthy heiress Katarina Klaas was hit by a stone on the head and restored the memories of her previous life. It turns out that the world she lives in is the world of the game “Fortune Lover”, which is the Otome game she was obsessed with in her previous life… .. But she was chosen as the villain who tried to frustrate the protagonist’s relationship! The best ending of the game for Katarina is exile, and the worst ending is death! She must find a way to avoid triggering bad luck and create her own happiness The future! The misunderstanding of the strange love comedy has begun!” The summary reading of the series, according to Crunchy roll.

Animated actors include Maaya Uchida as Katarina Krass, Minoru Mizuase as Sophia Ascate, Yasumi Wakizaki as Anne Shelley, Miho Okazaki as Mary Hunt, and Kosuke Torii as Rufus Boo. Rhodes, Shirai Yusuke as Ian Stewart, Ogura Yui as Selena Berg, Toshiki Masuda as Raphael Wolt, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Nicole Ascart, Tetsuya Kakihara as Keith Claes, Tatsushisa Suzuki as Alan Sturey, Stuakeartto Koyasu as Alan Sturey, Takehito Koyasu , Sumire Uesaka plays Susanna Randall, Shouta Aoi plays Gerald Hayami and Campbell Saori.

Fans can watch “Become a Villain in My Next Life: All Routes to Doom! X” Season 2 Episode 2 online on Crunchyroll. The episode will be broadcast live on Friday in Japanese with English subtitles.

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