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Name your mouse and show yourself

David Wood’s Marketing Podcast

In this episode Tape Marketing Podcast, I interviewed David Wood.David Served as a consulting actuary for a Fortune 100 company. He established the world’s largest coaching business and became the number one in life coaching on Google and providing thousands of hours of coaching services in 12 countries/regions around the world.

Key points:

we all know The elephant in the room-obviously. But many creatures in the room are much more subtle. David Wood defines these creatures as rats. When we ignore the rats in the room, we separate ourselves from others, leading to alienation, death, and often misunderstandings. This also translates directly into marketing.If you manage or become part of a team, your chances of achieving your goals and Arrivals Your full potential cut back.

To name your mouse is to slow it down to the connection speed so that we can truly understand each other what is really happening every moment. This is about creating true transparency. In this episode, David talks about the impact of willingness to name our rats on our lives.

Questions I asked David Wood:

  • [0:54] What does the consulting actuary do?
  • [3:40] Most people are familiar with the big image metaphor in the room-then, who is the mouse?
  • [7:13] A lot of what you talk about is related to transparency-what degree of transparency is objectionable?
  • [16:23] I don’t think anyone would object to the idea that we can do more, make more profit, and get more growth through less work. But why is it so difficult?

More about David Wood:

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