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National PTSD Promotion Day Quotes

Every June 27th, the United States celebrates the National PTSD Awareness Day to educate people about post-traumatic stress disorder.

PTSD is a mental health condition that people develop after witnessing or experiencing traumatic events.according to American Post Traumatic Stress Disorder FoundationIt is estimated that 7.8% of Americans have experienced PTSD at least once in their lifetime.

There are 4 Stages of post-traumatic stress disorder ——

  • Impact phase – This will happen immediately after the incident. At this stage, it is difficult for people to accept what happened.
  • Denial stage – At this stage, people continue to experience the feelings brought about by event memories, but they try to avoid emotions.
  • Short-term recovery phase – At this stage, people are trying to adapt to daily life. However, intrusive thoughts continue to make their lives difficult.
  • Long-term recovery phase – People continue to cope with the sequelae of trauma, but with the treatment and help of their loved ones, individuals can restore a peaceful life.

On this day, here are some insightful quotes about PTSD, courtesy Healthy space with Influential art ——

  • “The trauma is personal. If it is not confirmed, it will not go away. When it is ignored or ineffective, only the captured person can hear the silent scream inside. When someone enters the pain and hears the scream, Healing can begin.” —Daniel Benock
  • “There is no time stamp for trauma. There is no formula that can take you from fear to recovery. Be patient. Take up space. Let your journey be a lip balm.”-Serra Dawn
  • “PTSD nightmares are not always accurate replays of events. Sometimes they replay the emotions you feel during the event, such as fear, helplessness, and sadness.”-Alice Carrif
  • “Always remember, if you are diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, it is not a sign of weakness; on the contrary, it is proof of your strength because you survived!”-Anonymous
  • “Daily life becomes very difficult, because you hide your soul in a dark corner, so it does not have to face the dangerous world of trauma. Without your soul, you are only half a person, a constantly running machine escaping from reality.” — Amy Ostrech

Photo: Gerd Altmann-Pixabay

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