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New York mother accused of killing newborn baby after claiming to have a miscarriage

A New York mother was accused of killing her newborn baby after claiming that she had a miscarriage.

The Erie County District Attorney’s Office confirmed that the woman was 30-year-old Andy Wright, a resident of Tonawanda Township.

According to a press release from the District Attorney’s Office, the alleged incident occurred on October 5, 2020. After nearly a year of investigation, Wright was charged with two second-degree murders on Tuesday.

The Erie County District Attorney’s Office stated that when Wright gave birth to “a 38-week-old baby boy,” she was alone at home.

The district attorney’s office said in a press release: “She is accused of hitting the baby at least twice, causing the baby’s skull to fracture and causing him to die.”

At a press conference on Tuesday, Erie County District Attorney John J. Flynn stated that when he first learned of the incident in October 2020, “someone claimed to be in Tona A baby was found dead and aborted in a house in Wanda Township.”

“This situation makes me very disturbed,” Flynn continued. “Frankly, I don’t believe this was a miscarriage… It surprised me. In this case, I want to conduct a full investigation of the matter.”

Flynn said that Wright’s boyfriend was not at home when she gave birth, but he went home with his friend the next morning. Although Flynn could not provide specific details, he said that when Wright’s boyfriend and his friend returned home, they initially did not know that Wright was giving birth at home, but noticed that “she was in some kind of pain.”

When Wright’s boyfriend noticed that she was not feeling well, he rushed her to the hospital.

“Soon after, [authorities] “The baby’s body was found in the garbage bag in the trash can in the basement of the house,” Flynn said at a press conference. “The baby is dead. “

Flynn said that after investigation, his office was able to determine that the baby was born alive, and Wright allegedly “striked the baby in the head and killed him” shortly after giving birth.

The District Attorney’s Office said: “The Erie County Forensic Medical Office determined that the infant died of a blunt force injury and had focal penetrating trauma to the head.”

According to Flynn, a grand jury charged Wright with two counts of second-degree murder. “The first murder is intentional murder, and the second murder is indifferent to the degradation of human life,” Flynn said.

The District Attorney’s Office stated that Wright is currently being held on bail of $75,000 and that if all charges are convicted, she will face “up to 25 years of life imprisonment.”

Weekly newspaper After contacting Flynn’s office for further comment, he was directed to Flynn’s press conference.

A New York mother was recently accused of killing her newborn baby and leaving him in a trash can in her basement. The picture above is across the street from a house in Park City, Kansas on February 26, 2005.
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