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New Zealand Defence Force awards uniform management contract to Logistik Unicorp Group

Logistik Unicorp Group expands its international activities: The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) trusts the Australian Defence Clothing (ADA) and announces the award of a wearable equipment supply and management service contract to manage its operations and dressing uniforms, accessories, trucks and Various related equipment.

After a global bidding process, ADA, a subsidiary of the Global Logistik Group, has been awarded a contract to equip more than 15,000 members of the New Zealand Army, Royal New Zealand Navy, Royal New Zealand Air Force and Reserve Forces for the next 16 years. Wearable equipment supply and management service contracts include all integrated management services for the supply of accessories, clothing, footwear, load transportation, field equipment and personal support items, and involve the provision of the highest level of service to members.

This agreement will result in the opening of ADA’s New Zealand headquarters.The dedicated facility located in Palmerston North (New Zealand) will serve as Center of Excellence And will streamline and modernize the existing services of the base. In addition to contributing to the economic development of the Manawatu region, this new building will also create more job opportunities while maintaining existing positions. This move is closely related to Logistik’s local operating philosophy, and creates domestic economic benefits by acquiring unique global influence and expertise.

“After years of cooperation with the military, the Logistik Group has become an expert in combat uniforms and formal uniforms, providing equipment for Canada, Australia, France, Germany and Luxembourg. As part of the Five Eyes security partnership, the scope of services has been expanded to NZDF It is a natural and exciting milestone,” mentioned Louis Bibeau, founder and CEO of Logistik Unicorp.

Promoting innovation and developing cutting-edge technologies are the capabilities of Logistik Unicorp Group. By investing in R&D activities and sharing knowledge and results, Logistik Unicorp’s subsidiaries benefit from each other. Their joint efforts aim to improve and redefine the standards of military uniforms and equipment for customers through projects such as redesigning and remodeling the wardrobes of female soldiers and optimizing the loading options of soldiers.

ADA’s expertise is a source of pride for Logistik Unicorp Group, and each achievement includes a step towards a revolution in integrated uniforms and equipment solutions.

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