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Oddcroft: The aesthetics that make you happy

We all need excellent aesthetic design because it affects our thinking and feelings. The fascinating design will blackmail happiness and calm emotions. In addition, excellent designs not only help us make a first impression, but the fun they bring will also directly affect our long-term view of the brand. Given my career as an influencer, I like to stop and admire the aesthetics of art museums, various buildings, fashionable public spaces, and even room furniture. If you like to appreciate the beauty of art as much as I do, then let me introduce you to Oddcroft-a home decoration brand full of mystery.

Oldcroft decoration

With Oddcroft, you can never take everyday aesthetics for granted. why is that? Oddcroft aesthetics makes people happy! Each of their decorations connect you to the earth, reflecting peace and optimism. OddCroft is a brand of personal love and passion. It was launched in 2015 by an enterprising couple who are good at noticing small but important things. With more than 20 years of working experience in the hotel and decoration field, Mr. Kiran and Ms. Khyati Babani decided to launch a brand that conveys the need for perfection and the passion for creating a collection that encompasses all beautiful things.

Oldcroft Ottoman

OddCroft products travel across valleys and coasts before entering your home. Each piece of decoration has been “tastefully made” to cater to art connoisseurs, the humble and solemn connoisseurs of the royal family. I placed three simple decorative objects in three different corners of the house. This is how they change the entire atmosphere of the installation area.

Owl Osman-Creative Store

This Owl Ottoman Nestable Bucket Oddcroft is a very clever idea that can add interest to bedroom interiors. This lightweight Owl footstool set is made up of two armless cushioned drums-the large size is 12 dia x 14 high and the small size is 9.8 dia x 11 high. With its exquisite design, this owl footstool is the perfect creative solution. The storage space can be used as a footstool, coffee table, book storage, or even an upholstered seat.

Owl Ottoman Oldcroft

This sturdy (up to 70 kg adult weight) beautiful blue upholstered stool can be matched with any room color scheme. Try to place these attractive multifunctional storage boxes that can be cleaned with a damp cloth instead of traditional movable objects. The base material of Owl Ottoman is tin, the lid is printed vinyl, and the lid is cushioned.

Eight birds black tea cup with metal spoon

Every good tea needs an equally good cup! Tea culture is driven by aesthetics, which is determined from the time the tea is picked from the fern to the first sip. Every little thing that tea touches will change its taste and quality. It is precisely why royal family members and wealthy people always use high-quality tableware to drink tea to enhance the tea-drinking experience. They serve and drink tea in non-porous thin-lined porcelain cups, which will allow the tea to cool slowly throughout the social ritual. It just so happens that this experience is worth cherishing now! Aesthetics plays an important role in improving our lifestyle. Whether it is the choice of a teacup or the tea itself!

Hummingbird Teacup Set

For example, bone china is a material with a long heat preservation time and high temperature resistance, allowing you to taste the original flavor of tea or coffee. It is also the strongest of all porcelain, with high chipping resistance and a high level of translucency. Tea tastes better in porcelain because the smooth surface inside the cup retains its natural tannins.amazing Eight birds black tea cup Designed by Oddcroft, porous and as it is, this hummingbird teacup takes you into the early 18th century art collection of Japanese potter and painter Ogata Kenzan (Sakai).

Oldcroft tea cup

Hachidori means hummingbird in Japanese, and Oddcroft cleverly captured “Biyoueki” in these exquisite floral print cups. Drinking with bone china is a very pleasant experience, and the tea tastes better in this red cup. Take home this limited edition cup and upgrade your regular teahouse to an afternoon tea experience. Each set includes a bone china cup, a saucer and a matte gold spoon, all packaged in a suitable gift box. The teacup is not suitable for microwave/dishwasher-it only needs to be gently washed with liquid soap and sponge. Avoid using metal scrubs for cleaning.

Pearly white flowerpot

I like glazed ceramic flower pots for many reasons. First, they are great supports for tropical plants, and second, they look great no matter where you put them. Indoors or outdoors, whether decorated or not, ceramic pots may stimulate root growth to keep the soil moist and plants healthy. In addition, these flower pots are a great choice for home decoration. They make your home more environmentally friendly! I personally like to place ceramic flower pots on my terrace, porch and living space.But elite and eye-catching Pearly white flowerpot Oldcroft’s work deserves to be placed indoors.

Liguang Flower Pot

Provided with this stunning flower pot, as well as a gorgeous golden stand, will definitely attract a lot of attention, so it is best to install it in a quiet place. Any planted succulents look great inside. There is a drainage hole in the bottom of the pot, which is available in two colors: pearl white and midnight green. You can clean the pots with mild liquid soap and water, and don’t forget to remove the pots when watering the plants.

Finally, when I put my butt on the larger footstool and my legs on the smaller footstool, my eyes were locked on the pearly white flowerpot, which ended this article. The hummingbird cup on the side table emits a burst of caramel coffee smoke, and I wonder how three simple objects can make the environment around me unbelievable. The post-pandemic era requires us to embrace the interior more, and what better way to change than to introduce practical and stylish decorations. If you are looking for unique and mysterious decorations, Oddcroft is your first choice decoration shop.

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