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Our Dog Giotto-Intermedio # 21-Italian Podcast

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Hi everyone, and welcome to the Italian Podcast. I have been thinking about which episode category to put this episode in, whether it should be placed between the primary episodes or between the intermediate episodes. I decided to put it in the middle of the plot, because although the subject seems simple, that is the arrival of our dog in our lives, but in fact, the language used in this article written and read by my mother It’s not that basic. .
Therefore, this is an intermediate episode, and you can read the transcript in the podcast via the link in the description in the information of this podcast. This may be easier if you are used to the normal middle plot, but it is still a good exercise.

But before I start, I want to say that for the first time I have the honor to say that this episode is sponsored, and the most important thing is that I have the honor to say that it is sponsored by italki! I think many of you know italki. Italki is a platform for language learning. Here you can find native speakers. I have been teaching there for more than 2 years. To be honest, I have done nearly 600 lessons. In my opinion, Italki is an excellent service, which allowed me to meet many students, some of them…including many listeners of Italian podcasts, and allowed me to help them learn Italian. So I am very happy because the next episode of the podcast will be sponsored by Italki.Really Can’t recommend it highly (I can’t recommend it enough), This is a service very comfortable (Very convenient-in this case, “convenience” does not mean “comfort”), You can take lessons on Skype without mobile, The fees paid are much lower than what you would pay in a sports language school. Then there is nothing, if you want to have a class with me or other teachers, please click on the link in the podcast description, You will have the right (You have the right) A free course for $10. By doing this, you can also help Podcast Italiano, that’s me. If you don’t know, I’m an Italian podcast. So yes, see you on Italki, I hope to see you on Skype. Having said that, Let us feel plot.

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At the end of March two years ago, a two-month-old black miniature schnauzer Giotto walked into our home and walked into our lives. He is our first dog. I saw him for the first time on the farm, He was trembling all over (He is shaking) And hidden under the furniture. However, when we went to pick him up, he was very cheerful, Lively (Lively and energetic) electronic Tail wagging (Wagging the tail – da “coda” = tail) Let’s be a holiday (Dogs or animals “host a party” or “behave very friendly”).
He immediately adapted to our house and the two cats present.Most tasks hard Is to get him used to doing it himself need (His need means to urinate and poop) Outside rather than on the floor of the apartment. The problem was resolved smoothly in less than two months.From the beginning we started Take him for a walk (Take him away) Travel with us (travel) In the mountains. We almost always tie him up for fear that he will run away or encounter a viper or a bigger and more dangerous dog.
Giotto is now a dog weighing about 9 kg, e Release its energy (“Pour” its energy-sfogare is a difficult word to translate, please check Alyssa’s explanation) Long run in the garden. He really likes to play ball, he lets himself be thrown and then brought back, even if he doesn’t always let himself be caught.Except own Croquette (Dog food, from “croccante”, It means “crunchy, crispy”), Eat twice a day, like apples, pears, cheese crust, bread and Grisini, That sgranocchia con gran gusto (chewing/crunches, really like it).

At night he sleeps on his kennel (kennel) In a comfortable enclosed cage, so it will not disturb our rest.Is not complain (complain) Almost never, unless he noticed that we were going for a walk to make it clear that he also wanted to go out.
He doesn’t love much Be brushed (Brushed) So in order to keep order, I brought it to a center Retouch (Grooming-a place to shave/trim and clean the dog), Where Tosano (They shaved him), They cleaned it and perfumed it.
it’s great Watchdog (Watchdog), Because it will bark to warn us when they pass by stranger (stranger)In front of the house, but celebrating all those who came to visit us.This is also great Pet dog (Companion Dog), But he also likes outdoor activities. When he meets other dogs, he thinks he is a giant schnauzer!

It’s all about our dog Giotto. In addition to this, there is an interesting little note. I proposed the name “Giotto” for the first time.Because it’s a purebred dog This rule applies (There is a rule-vigere = active, effective) So in a certain year, if I remember correctly, the names of all purebred dogs must start with a certain letter. In Giotto’s year, the letter was actually G. In my opinion, the name “Giotto” is beautiful in two ways-“Giotto!” Sounds great, doesn’t it? -Also because it is a tribute to famous Italian painters and architects. Do you have a dog, or a normal animal? Write me in the comments of the post.
Talk to you in the next episode! Ah, see you on Italki.
Until next time!

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