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Our Top 7 Halloween Party Favors

We love Halloween at home. I always pick tea and put something together for the boys to play with.
There are some cute horror-themed games and decorations this year, and today I’m sharing with you my top 7 Halloween party goodies.

halloween game

zombie kitten The Infamous Exploding Kittens is a fun strategy card game in which players draw a card until someone shows the Exploding Kitten. Draw this card and you’re good to go! But what about you? Collect powerful action cards to move or avoid exploding kittens. Then rise from the dead and seek revenge with the Zombie Kitten card. Wa hahaha!
The last player alive wins!
It’s a really fun game, perfect for storing stuffing as well as Halloween-themed gifts.

Boo-Dunnit’s game! Ghost of Big G Creative It is a funny reasoning game.
You’ve ended prematurely, and now you must be the first to solve the case and discover who wants to send you away! Through the elimination process, you’ll ask clever questions to gather the evidence you need to find the suspect!
It’s a super fun game for the whole family to enjoy, and the gameplay is different every time you play it.

Suitable for players over 10 years old, 3-6 players per game.


Haribo When it comes to Halloween treats and any other occasion, there’s always the trump card! My kids can’t get enough of these weird candies.

HARIBO Sour Skull

HARIBO Sour Skeletons is a new limited edition share pack for Halloween that is playful, themed and fun.
These fruity sour jellies add a unique tartness to sweet options and come in a variety of flavor combinations, including lemon and lime, blood orange and pineapple, and cherry and blackcurrant.

HARIBO Monsters Z!ng

Taste buds are ready, HARIBO presents NEW HARIBO Monsters Z!ng, an exciting jelly treat.
Full of fun and themes, HARIBO Monsters Z!ng offers the perfect mix of sweet and sour. Each pack contains four monster-shaped pieces; choose between Apple Frankenstein, Blackcurrant Witch, Lemon ghost, and Blood Orange Dracula.

HARIBO trick or treat

A creepy alternative for any wizard or witch calling this Halloween. Contains a magical combo where you will find pieces in the shape of bats, brooms, frogs and spiders. These gummies and jellies are so intimidating!

halloween decorations

i like to go Pound land Looking at seasonal purchases, I often leave with a bag of goodies. Poundland has tons of Halloween decorations like these spooky balloon kits, Halloween string lights, and napkins.
They are really cheap and the kids love them!
Did you know that you can now shop online with Poundland? However, they currently only seem to cover certain areas and not everything is available like a store.

i bought this Wooden Pumpkin Shadow Box from Amazon. I wanted something that would light up and be just the right size for my layered tray.
It’s a very cute design and ran away 2 CR2032 batteries.

What’s your favorite from our roundup?

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