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Prisma Arena board game review

*Disclosure-We received this product for review. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you come here often, you will know how much we like playing family board games at home. This month we have a very interesting choice, one of which is from Prisma Arena Hub game!

Prisma Arena Age 10 years+

Join the fight for hope!
“Young recruits are welcome. Hope is still asleep, and it must be protected from desperate exhaustion embraces. You are here because your Prisma is strong, and more importantly, you care. Now it’s time to train.”

What do you get in the box

  • 2-sided game board
  • 8 action dials
  • Advantage token
  • 12 standing bases
  • Central game board-2 sides
  • 12 obstacles
  • 4 hero platforms
  • 8 Mo’kon platform
  • 36 combo cards
  • 50 prism energy cards
  • 4 hero cards
  • 4 guest hero cards
  • 8 Mokenka
  • 4 hero stickers
  • 4 hero lockers
  • 4 hero storage bags
  • 4 Player assistance
  • 4 score trackers
  • 64 hit mark

Game purpose

Hub Games’ Rory O’Connor and John Fiore’s Prisma Arena is a fast-paced arena fighting game. Located at the lighthouse where the Prism Arena is located, you must prove your skills in prisms-an ancient art of psychic prisms, our inner light. While striving to become a fully trained guardian to protect hope in times of despair.

Connect with your Mo’kons to get your ranking.
Mo’kons is an extension of the hero’s emotional state. Everyone has the ability to match the feelings they represent.

Cardboard Prisma Arena Characters in Plastic Pillars

Prisma Arena Solitaire

getting Started!

Start the game with hero registration. Each player chooses one of four characters. All heroes start from novices with the same abilities and values. The more you play, the more times your character will upgrade and unlock new uniforms and Prisma Power cards.

Everyone will get a hero station, a hero card, a locker and a storage bag. Name your character and customize it with relevant stickers.

Customize the Prisma Arena character, holding Prisma chess pieces with matching green hair.

Basic training

In the basic training, you take turns to move your hero and Mo’Kon in the arena while blasting, striking and grappling the opponent’s character at the same time. Score by filling their hit list with hit markers and bounce them off the arena. The winner is the first player to score 20 or more points at the end of the round.

Use Action Dial to perform actions!

Use the action wheel to perform actions in Prisma ArenaAdvanced training

In advanced training, characters have the opportunity to level up, get grades, and get new uniforms.
Upgrades can also unlock Prisma Powers and reward new abilities.
Prismakata has five levels-novice, searcher, tuner, psychic and guardian.

We like this game very much. It is very interesting, simple to play, and colorful. Jayden may quickly lose interest in certain games, but he is really focused on it. He likes to upgrade his character and change costumes as the game progresses.

It’s awesome!

From *Amazon.

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