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Quiz: Climate Week 2023 – Climate Week New York City

New York Climate Week It will be held this week, September 17-24, 2023. This global climate event brings together diverse audiences, communities and decision-makers to focus on the climate crisis and the innovative and collaborative ways we can mitigate and stop its consequences.Check How is this going exist Colombia Climate Schooland take the quiz below to test your knowledge of the latest climate news from Climate School state of the earth Blogs, etc.Be sure to include your score Comment section below.

In a landmark climate trial this year on August 14, 2023, a state judge issued a landmark ruling in favor of which group?

in the first constitutional climate trial In the United States, a state judge has issued a landmark ruling in favor of young Montana climate activists as they confront the state’s responsibility for climate change Holder v. Montana case. The plaintiffs claim the state violated their right to a clean and healthy environment under the Montana Constitution. District Court Judge Kathy Seeley declared that a state law violated that right by prohibiting agencies from considering climate impacts when conducting environmental reviews.

Climate change has the potential to disrupt air travel in a number of ways. How do rising temperatures hinder or potentially prevent aircraft from taking off?

higher temperature The density of the air is reduced, so the aircraft needs to generate more lift at a faster speed to take off. In some cases, they may not have enough runway to achieve the necessary speeds. Or they may be forced to reduce the weight they carry. Additionally, temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher can cause the tarmac to soften, causing aircraft wheels to seize. High temperatures may also limit the time ground crews can work outdoors, as tarmacs can become heat islands.

According to a recent paper natural climate changewhich types of projects aimed at adapting to and mitigating the effects of climate change are at greatest risk of maladaptive or unintended consequences?

a new paper in diary natural climate change studied this issue and developed methods for assessing adaptation activities. A bottom-line result: In general, infrastructure projects pose the greatest risk of maladaptation, while transformations involving dietary changes and the restoration of natural areas pose the risk of maladaptation. At least.

Buildings, roads and urban infrastructure all absorb and re-emit more of the sun’s heat than natural landscapes. These built environments, combined with heat generated by human activities, may result in urban heat islands—how many degrees Fahrenheit are temperatures in inner-city areas likely to be higher than in surrounding vegetated areas?

urban heat island Temperatures in some urban areas can be up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit higher than surrounding areas area.

Which recent month has been hotter than any other month in the global temperature record, according to scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies?

Scientists at NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies report that global temperatures in July 2023 will be warmer than any other month Record.

A recent study in the journal science How many years ago do you think most of Greenland melted into ice-free tundra?

A New research in the journal science Much of Greenland is said to have turned into ice-free tundra 416,000 A few years ago, plus or minus 38,000 years—quite recently in geological terms. They calculated that melting caused sea levels to rise by at least 5 feet, and possibly as much as 20 feet, at a time when temperatures were only slightly warmer than today, even though the amount of heat-trapping carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was much lower.



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