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Security experts warn of impending global cyber incidents related to artificial intelligence

A new report from Deep Instinct states that security experts believe that malicious actors will soon use artificial intelligence (AI) to cause global cyber incidents.

Security vendor Deep Instinct’s first Voice of Security Operations report highlight Current and emerging threats, the impact of these threats, and how automation will play a key role in the future. Security and IT teams are increasingly concerned about the surge in the number of attacks. The important findings in the report indicate that people are deeply concerned about the danger of artificial intelligence falling into the wrong hands.

This includes 78% of respondents worrying that cyber opponents will develop and launch artificial intelligence in the next 12 months to trigger global cyber incidents. In addition, the report shows that 63% of respondents believe that the level of disruptive innovation in the field of cybersecurity has increased. In addition, it also pointed out that 70% of IT and security professionals believe that their company is likely to be successfully attacked by ransomware.


Ransomware has strengthened its position as a global focus, and recent attacks have included Ireland Health service To the colonial pipeline Network attacksInterviewees believe that this is due to the exponential growth of human beings overwhelmed by cybersecurity threats. Deep Instinct CEO Guy Caspi said: “Recent major incidents have put security at a higher priority, but these threats have long been worthy of their attention on a global scale.”

The report also revealed that 71% of respondents believe that automation is the only way to respond to cyber attacks. At the same time, 83% of respondents pointed out that automation gives the team more time to focus on high-value and strategic attacks. According to Deep Instinct, if security professionals have a tool that can completely eliminate false positives, they can save a lot of time.

Organizations in all walks of life around the world need reliable, automated, and up-to-date protections to save organizations valuable time and money, while protecting them from potential damage from these threats bringAccording to this study, 86% of respondents believe that tools driven by data science, including deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, will have a significant impact in reducing false alarms and preventing even unknown threats. Nearly 75% of respondents agree that cyber security automation is the only way to address cyber threats.

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