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South Korean prosecutor seeks 5 years in prison for former K-Pop star victory

On Thursday, military prosecutors demanded that the judge be sentenced to five years in prison and a fine of 20 million won (18,000 US dollars).

Local reports quoted the prosecutor as saying: “Although the defendant is the person who has benefited the most from the crime, he is accusing others and needs severe punishment.”

Big explosion Enjoying a wide reputation after his debut in 2006, Shengli continues to be a successful businessman, but the public’s backlash against scandals and formal investigations led to his retirement from the show business in 2019.

Victory, whose real name is Lee Seung-hyun, is accused of habitually gambling overseas at luxury casinos in Las Vegas, involving illegal foreign exchange transactions.

He is also suspected of arranging sexual services for potential investors in his business.

The investigation into the scandal surrounding him uncovered a series of allegations against other musicians and staff of YG Entertainment. victoryThe former agency and one of the largest K-pop management companies.

This prompted Yang Hyun-suk, the agency’s chief executive, to resign last year and face his own investigation into illegal gambling.

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