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Spaghetti-Intermission # 6-Italian Podcast

Welcome to the Italian podcast, in this very delicious and very episode “Calories” (High calories), where we will talk about one of the most famous Italian dishes, pasta.

I think One of the associations of the word “Italy” in many people’s minds (The association of the word “Italy” in many people’s minds), Even for those who are not interested in Italy and Italian culture, these two foods are well known: pasta and pizza. Today we will talk about pasta, maybe we will discover something new.

As mentioned earlier, pasta is Public places (Stereotypes) Related to ideas “Italian style” (Italian), and also Our gesture (The way we use gestures), The figure of the Mafia, Tanned complexion (Tan skin), Wine, etc.Stereotypes are usually wrong, or in any case they don’t exactly match reality, but it must be said that as far as pasta is concerned There are many truths (Many are true)We Italians eat pasta almost every day. According to the data I found, an average Italian consumes about 25 kilograms of pasta each year (this surprised me because I think they are at least twice as many!) It stays at the top of the list permanently (Stay ahead in the chart) .

Italy produces 3.5 million tons of pasta each year, more than half of which are exported to other countries.
There are really many varieties: pasta can be very long (like pasta), it can be very short (like macaroni), or filling (Filling/filling) (Like wonton), it can be very smooth, Striped (Striped), Thick, thin, etc. These characteristics can produce different combinations.Besides me seasoning (Toppings) They are also countless possibilities, so pasta recipes are endless. However, the recipe known all over the world is spaghetti with tomato sauce.Pasta is usually cooked “Al dente”, Which literally means “To the teeth”.

It usually starts from production Whole wheat flour (Durum wheat/wheat pasta), Usually called semolina. In this way, the so-called “dry pasta”, that is, industrially produced pasta, is obtained. “Fresh pasta”, usually homemade, the difference lies in (the difference) Humidity and acidity. By the way, these things are regulated by Italian law!

Pasta was invented Under parallel (Simultaneously) In Italy and China, but the technology is different.In fact, there is no wheat in China, so rice or other grains are used, especially mile (Xiaomi). There is a legend, especially in the United States, According to the (According to that) Marco Polo brought pasta to Italy after his trip to China.This is definitely not true, this is a legend, but also because of Marco Polo have to do (Have to deal with) Especially Mongolians, not Chinese, they are consumers of pasta.There are traces of history This proves (testify) In Italy and China, the consumption of pasta is very old.

Any of you who have lived in Italy or are going to travel to Italy, for sure Will realize (Will realize) Than pasta everywhere (Everywhere, everywhere) In the Italian diet. Pasta is also a very important cultural element. How can you forget the famous scenes in the movie”Americans to Rome“, the protagonist “Nando Mericoni” (played by the legendary Alberto Sordi) is a fan of American habits, but he cannot resist a plate of pasta (he called it “Macaroni”).

So in this case, the cliché corresponds to reality!

I want to tell you some expressions related to pasta:
“Put your hand into the dough”, Method Participating in something, usually an illegal activity. For example, it can be said-to retain stereotypes that are sometimes not even stereotypes-
“The Mafia controls all the affairs of the city government!
Another expression is “Made from the same dough”, Or Have the same personality, Can be positive or negative. “The two of them are made from the same dough.” You can also say “Let’s see what you’re made of” and “let’s see what you’re made of” can be said in English.

These are expressions related to pasta. I hope you enjoy this episode and don’t be too hungry. If she comes to you and pleases her with a plate of delicious pasta, we will see you in the next episode. Until next time!

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