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Spain’s “Eat Less Meat” Campaign Draws Criticism

The Spanish Minister of Consumer Affairs Alberto Garzon recently launched a campaign to encourage the country to eat less meat, with the slogan “Eat less meat, live more”.

But this movement is causing disputes between governments because it may harm the meat industry, which is the main contributor to the Spanish economy.

“Eating too much meat is harmful to our health and the planet,” Garzon wrote in a video on Twitter.

“In my opinion, this movement is unfortunate,” said Luis Planas, Minister of Agriculture of the Ministry of Fisheries and Food, in an interview. Cadena Ser Radio.

Planas said the movement was “very unfairly criticized because its honest work for our food and economy deserves respect.”

According to reports, six meat producers wrote to Garzon saying that it had harmed an industry with 2.5 million jobs.

Garzon defended his campaign, Appeared on TV Clarify his information. “The idea is not to stop eating meat completely,” he said.

“This doesn’t mean that we can’t have family barbecues from time to time, but we will be more restrained and make up for the days we eat meat, rice, beans and vegetables by eating more salad days,” Garzon said.

He pointed out the fact that emissions from the meat industry are related to climate change. World Health Organization It is recommended that people limit the intake of processed meat and red meat, which is associated with an increased risk of death from heart disease, diabetes and other diseases.

Considering that the average Spaniard eats twice as much meat a week as normal people, some people believe that this sport has been long overdue. Spanish Food Safety and Nutrition Agency recommend.

The Spanish food journalist said: “You can stuff your face with the steak you want, but don’t be angry, because what the minister tells you is exactly the same as the World Health Organization, other agencies, and countless other scientific experts in the field.” Mikel Lopez Iturriaga posted on Twitter.

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