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Start-up company using VR for surgical training raises $27 million

Osso VR plans to expand its virtual surgery training module after raising US$27 million. Photo Credit: Osso VR

In the VR demonstration, the surgeon is practicing endoscopy. This is one of several new programs added by Osso VR, a start-up company that builds VR modules for surgical training.

The Palo Alto-based startup recently raised $27 million in a funding round led by GSR Ventures. Some of its past investors, including Kaiser Permanente Ventures, also contributed to this round of financing.

The company plans to use the funds to expand its current training module library.

“After demonstrating the clinical effectiveness of the platform and its unique ability to expand to millions of providers worldwide, we are ready to accelerate,” co-founder and CEO Dr. Justin Ballard said in a press conference. “Through the latest round, we plan to expand our library and platform exponentially so that every patient in the world can rest assured that they are getting the safest and most valuable program.”

Osso VR was established in 2016 and initially focused on orthopedic surgery, as Barad is currently practicing at the Institute of Children’s Orthopedics. The start-up company currently has more than 120 modules in more than 10 specialized fields.

It claims that it can help students and residents improve surgical performance, although this is based on two very small Random test.

So far, more than 20 hospital resident programs are using Osso VR, including Brown University and Johns Hopkins University.

Another source of revenue for this startup is orthopedic medical device companies, which use it to help train surgeons to use their equipment.

Osso VR is not the only company testing video games as a means of training doctors. Level Ex, a company that develops mobile-based training games, takes a slightly different approach.It recently launched a game Help dermatologists keep up to date.

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