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Survive with a newborn baby – you have this!

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what, parenting. There is nothing better and nothing that makes you feel as fulfilled as parenting. When you have a kid or two, you’re entering a whole new world, and you can bet it’s a world you’ll expect to be amazed by the whole process. Unfortunately, it’s not all booties and baby hats, nice strollers and excitement. All of this is true — but there’s another side to parenting, and that’s surviving a newborn baby.
When you have a new baby into your life, you will have a huge adjustment period to consider. You may have thought about what it would be like to have a baby at home, but you may not have thought about being with your child. You might not imagine yourself pacing the house all night with a growling baby on your shoulders. You probably don’t think about the level of exhaustion you’re going to experience. It’s not the same as studying all night or working hard.It’s totally different, you need the best Survival Tips for New Parents Help you navigate this new life. You’re going to need help, and both you and your partner need to be prepared for such a big change. Let’s look at some tips to help!


Being a parent is hard enough, but what one does is not one! You need to consider who is there to support you. From your parents to his parents, your extended family and friends, you need to consider who will support you in this process. It’s not easy, you need people to remind you that you’re a human too. You have to remember that this village will be a huge support system for you – so building it early in your pregnancy solidifies who’s by your side when the night gets too much!

Prioritize rest

I’m not going to tell you to sleep while the baby is sleeping because that’s not practical advice. If you want to take a bath, or eat a hot meal, or even just watch TV while your baby sleeps, you should.You won’t always benefit from sleep while your baby is sleeping, so just Prioritize rest. It’s okay if you’re just spreading out on the couch; keep your body charged as much as possible!

give yourself some grace

One of the hardest things to do is feel good about your body or how you feel. You need to give yourself a break because it took you nine months to completely change your body – your body or your senses won’t go back to normal overnight. However, you should definitely make sure to rely on your support system as much as possible so you can feel safe about yourself. You have to be kind to yourself in order to do everything possible to feel good about yourself after having your baby.

maintain balance

You need to have enough water to rehydrate, food to keep you energized, and you need – when you’re comfortable – to move your body. Get out for fresh air and walks if you can, and make sure you balance it all out to give yourself plenty of energy. You must rest as much as possible to stay energized! You have a child, so you need to make sure you feel as human as possible.

spend time with you

You have a partner or at least a friend, which means you can take the time to free yourself from the baby and free your hands. Make sure you keep up with painting your nails and reading. You need to breathe and remember that you are a person, you are more than a parent. Glad to have time with you!

Be as informed as possible

You need to think about what you want to do as a parent, but you will be faced with a lot of misinformation. cry out? Doesn’t work – just teach your baby you won’t come. Solid food for four months? Not necessary unless recommended by a pediatric nutritionist. Don’t know about breastfeeding? Seek help from a lactation specialist. There are the right people out there, but you need to find them and rely on them!

be ready

Install the car capsule Learn about backwards early. Sleep nests are politely rejected as they can only be used during supervised sleep. You have to think about safety and make sure everything you do is because you want your newborn to be as happy and healthy as possible. It may seem impossible at times, but this is your life now and your baby depends on you and your village to keep them safe.

learn to be flexible

You’ll find rigid routines that only work when you’re having a baby. Yes, stick to their nap and sleep tips, get to know their hungry cries, and make sure you have everything you need to make your baby’s life as easy as possible.

Pack an emergency kit

In the car, in the office, upstairs and downstairs – you’ll need emergency bags for diapers and clothes, muslins, extra socks and blankets. You can’t have too many of these baby emergency kits, and you can make sure you’re ready for anything. You have this, but only if you do your research and you reach out to the right people. Having a new baby isn’t easy, but it’s a lot easier when you’re as informed as possible. Take your time and enjoy these moments – compared to toddlers, newborns are like peaches!

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