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The future of work: digitalization, humanization and interconnection

As the world begins to reopen, Salesforce executives shared how it approaches the future of the office, the technology that promotes mixed work, and how putting employees at the center of the equation will create success everywhere.

Although many employees now enjoy the flexibility of working anywhere, many employees also desire face-to-face contact. Hallway talks, coffee breaks, and team happy hours almost all happen. As employees’ main contact center—the office—has not yet become part of their daily work, the employee experience has completely changed. If the company does not intend to bring people together, it will affect employee engagement and productivity.

By Sammy Spiegel, Salesforce news and insights

Employees’ favorite colleagues: artificial intelligence and automation

The digital transformation will be accelerated in 2020 and the work landscape will be changed forever. Now, companies need to find more ways to make employees stand out in this new work environment.

Artificial intelligence and automation The employee experience is changing, and the company is in the early stages of realizing its potential.

Brian Solis, Salesforce Global Innovation Evangelist, said: “Automation enables people to freely express their creativity and curiosity, especially when combined with highly personalized insights and recommendations from artificial intelligence.

The benefit of this is a better employee experience.

“Not only are you optimizing business processes to provide new customer experience standards, but you can also free up creative human resources to do more meaningful work,” Solis said.

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