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The mayor of Tennessee said that the profanity of the anti-Biden flag can be left in place

The Mayor of Mountford, Tennessee, Dwayne Cole, once said that a city resident waved a profanity flag against the president. Joe Biden You can continue to display.

“Go fuck Biden, go fuck him vote,” said a banner flying outside an unknown man’s house.The dark blue flag with white lettering resembles a flag fluttered in support of the former president Donald Trump In the 2016 and 2020 elections.

“This is despicable. This is vulgar. This is constitutionally protected speech,” Cole told WREG. He said that several residents wrote to the city complaining about the profanity of the flag and its visibility to local children. “If I had the right to let him take it off, I would definitely do that,” Cole added.

Cole said the city’s prosecutor investigated the legality of flying the flag with profanity. He said that although the law requires the display of election flags in people’s yards, the right to freedom of speech granted by the Constitution allows people to display any flags they like in front of their homes.

The mayor of Mountford, Tennessee, said that the blasphemy flag of local residents against Democratic President Joe Biden can continue to fly from the homes of the owners. In this photo, Biden shed tears during a speech at the National Guard/Reserve Center of Major Joseph R. Biden III at Newcastle Airport, Delaware on January 19, 2021, before heading to Washington, DC for the inauguration of the President ceremony.
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Tennessee is just one of at least five different states recently, and these states have recently had disputes involving blasphemous anti-Biden flags.

In March, a resident of Jackson, Michigan began flying the same flag.Ken Katkin, a law professor at Northern Kentucky University, said that although some courts have ruled that adults do not want children to be exposed to swear words, the non-sexual context of the f on the flag may prevent judges from interpreting information as obscene content. Washington Examiner.

According to, in Erie, Pennsylvania, a man named Jim Greenawalt fluttered the same flag from his front porch and was allowed to continue flying because of his freedom of speech. Neither Greenwater nor the Mumford man had any plans to remove the flag.

A lawyer told the aforementioned website that the Greenwater banner is legal, as long as it does not interfere with municipal functions or incite violence through hate speech.

Anthony Ragusa, a resident of Hazlet, New Jersey, has two flags against Biden. One said “F*ck Joe Biden” and the other said “Biden sucks.” On June 17, the town’s law enforcement agency told him to remove these flags because their “offensive language” “has a high profile for school-age children and motorists”.

If Ragusa does not remove the flag within 10 days, the town threatens to take further action. For the local children, he removed the profanity flag on it. However, he stated that if the government tries to get him to remove his second flag, he is ready to go to court.

In early June, Roselle Park, New Jersey threatened that if a woman did not take off the national flag, she would be fined $500 a day. Mayor Joe Signorello said the woman lived a block away from an elementary school.

“All we ask is for her to comply and cancel these,” Signorello said. “She can post all the signs of support for Trump she wants, as long as they are not pornographic and vulgar in nature.”

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