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The meaning and method of identifying “underrated” heroes

World Ranger Day draws our attention to the many men and women who are working hard to protect and protect the world’s natural and cultural treasures. Celebrate this day by paying tribute to these often unknown heroes.

On July 31st of each year, to commemorate the forest rangers who lost their lives or were injured in missions around the world, CFamous All the work they do.

The International Rangers Federation (IRF) said: “Let’s pause and reflect on the courage and sacrifices made by the Rangers: pay tribute to the fallen Rangers and stand with the Rangers who bravely played their role on the front lines.”

IRF is an organization in cooperation with The Thin Green Line Foundation (TGLF) to provide support to the families of rangers who were killed or injured while performing their missions.

“The first line of defense”

People usually don’t realize the importance of the work done by the rangers.In addition to protecting people who visit the park, they often risk their lives to protect wild animals and the wild threat Such as poaching, smuggling and theft. Essentially, they are “First line of defense“In terms of protecting the world’s precious wild animals and natural resources.

“Park rangers are usually under-equipped, underpaid, and often underestimated,” TGLF Say“We think they are heroes.”

In 2018, a survey by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Established In the past 12 months, one in seven wild animal rangers in Asia and Central America, or about 14% of wild animal rangers have been seriously injured at work. At that time, the total number of wild animal rangers killed in the previous ten years had reached 871, of which 107 died in the past year.

Sean Willmore, president of IRF and founder of TGLF, pointed out at the time that 48 of them were murdered while protecting wildlife, and 50 died in workplace accidents due to work hazards.

Wilmore said: “But these are not just statistics, these are men and women, rangers, who leave their families and have almost no support other than what we can provide.”

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