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The Secret is Out: Victoria’s Secret appoints Eileen Gu as a new face

The Great Shift of Victoria’s Secret

Since 1977, the Victoria’s Secret model has been synonymous with high heels, diamond bra, fake tan and slim waist. Only a few supermodels in the world are lucky enough to wear “wings” on the runways of their world-famous fashion show. This is why the whole world is shocked by the company’s bold move to abolish the notorious angels to replace the Victoria’s Secret collective.

The rebranding strategy will focus on change and diversity. Considering the achievements of new models, it is clear that their choice is not just about appearance.

In recent years, Victoria’s Secret has been criticized for its lack of diversity and unhealthy portrayals of women and their bodies. More people asked the brand to change their brand in 2018, which led to the cancellation of their 2019 show.

It is an understatement to say that Victoria’s Secret has been trying to stay relevant in recent years, especially since inclusive brands like Fenty have taken over the scene.

“Rebranding will take many steps to ensure that they gain the trust of consumers. It is not just about baptismal inclusiveness,” shared Erin Schmidt, a senior analyst and Coresight researcher.

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