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The undeniable value of eco-conscious homes – how homeowners and developers can make a difference

Eco-conscious home

Nine out of 10 homeowners made an eco-friendly home makeover last year, According to a survey From home service platform Angi.Some of the most popular eco-improvements include installing smart thermostats and Energy Star appliances, proving to make a difference can be achieved in small waysHowever, for homeowners looking for other ways to improve their homes—even building eco-friendly homes from the start—there are multiple options to keep in mind.

The need for eco-friendly homes

Before embarking on a new project to make your home greener, it’s crucial to first understand the need for environmentally friendly housing.For example, states that real estate “is At the heart of global climate change mitigation efforts,” went on to mention that “real estate accounts for about 39 percent of total global emissions. McKinsey explains that about 11 percent of these emissions are produced by the manufacturing materials used in buildings, and the rest are emitted by the buildings themselves (and by generating the energy that powers them).

Building an eco-home from the start

While upgrading your home appliances can be a great way to save energy, it’s also possible to build your home in an environmentally friendly way. Using eco-friendly building materials like bamboo or reclaimed wood is just one way to achieve this, although other less common materials can also come up with fantastic ideas. An article in the Christian Science Monitor notes that examples of this can be found all over the world – citing “green roofs” made of dirt and plants in Basel, Switzerland, and Burkina Faso architect Francis Francis Kéré. Designed with Aboriginal Bricks in Dakar, Senegal.

Developers can further ensure a property’s love of the environment by designing a home that puts its surroundings first. A 2016 Daily Mail article highlighted a particularly unique example in which a house was built around two trees instead of cutting them down. APS Design Associates was tasked with coming up with a design for the challenge and decided to include the trees in a way that would preserve them. “Then we thought about designing a building that wraps around the tree, which would protect the tree and allow for continued growth and maintenance,” noted architect director Paul Seeger. The property is located in Sandersley, Essex. Also includes solar panelsgarden roof (self-draining) and air exchange system.

Cultivating Environmentally Friendly Indoors

In addition to including efforts to install energy-efficient appliances, homeowners can create an eco-friendly home by making changes to the interior of their home. According to House Beautiful, installing sustainable flooring is just one option and can be done by using reclaimed wood that would otherwise be sent to landfill. House Beautiful further mentions the benefits of other interior remodels such as using proper insulation, and the use of environmentally friendly paints or wallpaper. And, for those not planning to build, there are other ways to bring nature into existing homes. Incorporating indoor trees is a great way to do this, helping to put nature and the environment at the forefront of your home interior. Having houseplants may have many benefits, including the ability to potentially lower stress levels and improve motivation.When looking for the perfect indoor tree for your home, it can be helpful to consider where to place it – for example, if you need a tree tree in sunny corner of living roomchoosing plants that can thrive in such an environment is crucial.

Because of climate change and the impact real estate has on the environment, creating a home that prioritizes the environment is a great way to make a difference. Whether you choose to build an eco-friendly home from scratch or make various eco-conscious changes to the interior of an existing home, there are many ways you can make a difference.

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