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The woman painstakingly collects braids and uses her own hair to make a wig

If you have long hair, you will know that it is everywhere, and gangsters will appear on your bed, your food, and your clothes.

Not to mention the amount lost while brushing the bristles or showering.

But not boxing fur balls, but a woman Collect the loose strands painstakingly Make a wig entirely from her own hair.

Liz Lele She started saving her hair about 18 months ago-520 days to be precise-and has accumulated 6,596 strands so far.

Lele has been sharing her progress on her TikTok page, where she referred to herself as the “creator of #showerhairchallenge”.

She explained: “It’s all about Collect your hair and reuse it. “Lele, who is believed to be from Brooklyn, has been experimenting with hair. Do hair extensions, dye hair, make fake bangs And gradually make a complete wig.

A video she recently shared at the end of last month detailed her journey. She said: “In a year and a half, I lost almost 12,000 hairs. Half of it was used to make wigs, and this was the other half.

“I just finished my double-sided tape roll. I was very surprised how thin the tape is. If you do it right, one roll can hold about 6,420. I put about 100 hairs on each tape.”

She added that she also used tweezers to get her hair into the perfect position. She compared her DIY hair extension to the hair on her head, exclaiming: “It’s so beautiful, I really like it. For example, why am I not bald? Well? We don’t have bald heads. If I do this for 10 years, I will have a complete wig.”

She recently used some hair to make fake bangs, glued the loose hair to the headband, she cut it out and styled it. Lele praised the final product in a video shared last week, saying: “It’s time to cut the bangs.”

Lele said: “This is my collected hair. I ventilated it and braided it into a lace tied to the headband. I finally finished it. I am measuring whether it can be placed on my forehead well. I” Not a barber, but I’m working hard. “

After finishing up, she said: “I think I’m very happy. It looks cute, right, you never know.” She also claimed that it was the perfect color match with her real hair, and added: “If you If you want to leave bangs without cutting off the real bangs, then please check out the entire series.”

When asked how to find these hairs, she replied: “In my hand, from my brush, after washing my hair.”

Fans also donated their own hair, Lele is making a separate wig, she has been working for 505 days in total. She intends to donate this wig.

She is now collecting eyelashes, probably to make false eyelash strips. In a clip called “Eyelash Collection” shared last month, Lele revealed that she currently has 15 eyelashes and that she “collects them every time she washes her face.”

Her videos have accumulated hundreds of thousands of views, and Daniela commented: “I think I can wear a wig within a year.”

Tee-Tee wrote: “Girl, you got a free extension.”

Although Sarenee pointed out: “This is a bit smart at first, and then whenever you are old and you start to gray or lose hair, you will wear a wig.”

Weekly newspaper Contact Lele for comments.

File photo of a woman pulling her hair from her hairbrush. A lady named Liz Lele has collected her hair for more than a year and turned it into hair extensions and bangs.
Getty Images/Doucefleur

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