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The woman revealed that the secret storage room can only be accessed by walking the board

A house hunter was shocked by a secret storage room in the house she was looking at, and could only enter by walking the wooden planks.

That woman called Buttercup Online, upload the video to TikTok because she Shared hidden function With followers.

A man who claimed to be Slick on the Internet, believed to be her partner, pulled down the handle on the ceiling to reveal the suspension bridge on the stairs.

The wooden structure forms a walkway, and the automatic lights are turned on, revealing a well-stocked storage room, which seems to be the eaves storage room.

This Potential buyers walk into the beautifully designed food pantry And looked around, because Buttercupcheerup revealed that they made an offer to the house in an unknown place, but was defeated by their competitors.

Since sharing last week, the clip has accumulated more than 3 million views, because Buttercupcheerup praised the design, calling it “the coolest so far.”

In addition to the tags of “walking plank” and “hidden storage room”, she said: “One of the many houses we have seen. We made an offer for this house, but unfortunately we didn’t get it.”

Many people commented on this video, trying to decipher the layout of the house. Contrary to popular opinion, Buttercupcheerup confirmed that this is not a loft space.

She explained: “Under the stairs upstairs. Consider this is the middle of the house. It’s not an attic. Temperature regulation. Only one of the bad things this guy has done.”

She is in the comments Confirm it is located near the kitchenIt is estimated that when every meal is cooked, it is a hassle to trek to the secret storage room to find ingredients.

“There is no need to do this all the time. There is enough kitchen and pantry. This is extra hidden storage space for non-daily items,” she said.

For those who are worried about falling down the steps, she assured people: “It’s very strong! The two of us and our real estate agent passed through it. Very good.”

Although most people have never seen this design feature before, she speculates that it might be more popular in older houses.

She added: “I didn’t realize how common this is. Many people commented that they have seen or done it. There must be many old houses!”

Commenting on the design, Mallory said: “I am totally going to make one of them now.”

Pickypirate estimates: “Now this is a panic room. It has a suspension bridge and everything! It is completely undetectable.”

Hector Pedraza joked: “Fast!”

PB thought: “I can’t keep walking on that board to get food.”

Manda said: “This is a genius, now I want to do it.”

And the Tina green-eyed girl added: “Make good use of the wasted space on the stairs.”

Weekly newspaper Contact Buttercupcheerup for comments.

File photos of the storage room. A woman shared a hidden secret pantry in the house she was looking at, which can only be accessed by walking the wooden board.
SuriyaDesatit/Getty Images

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