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This ambitious “Dark Soul” module will be released in December

The upcoming module of the “Dark Soul” remake will be launched later this year. It is provided by a very dedicated module team. They have high hopes, talents and dreams, trying to infuse ancient and eternal people. A new dynamic masterpiece.

Dark Souls: Nightfall“Is an ambitious module project designed to provide players who complete the main game with a brand new experience. The module is a direct sequel to the “Dark Souls” event, with a story written from scratch, new areas of exploration and improvements The later combat system makes the game faster and more deadly than before.

The project is currently under the name Grimruk And a team of 10 other community members.

The development of “Nightfall” started in 2019 and has been in a playable but unfinished state ever since. The developers pointed out that they plan to release the module on December 21st, which happens to be “Eldon Ring. “

The “Dark Soul: Nightfall” event started immediately after the selected undead of the original game defeated Gwen the King of Ashes. The player will re-start from the sanctuary of the undead as a seemingly sane cavity, following the traces of the selected undead on the land bathed in light.

The trailer of the mod and the expanded game trailer showed some key changes in the battle, and the rapid sprint of the player character became the focus of attention. Players who are infused with humanity will be able to perform this new sprint and other new technologies that may be related to the overhauled combat system.

Grimrukh stated in his blog that the mod will feature “familiar and unfamiliar enemies”, suggesting new enemies and improved versions of existing enemies, such as the more flexible Hollow Thief seen in the trailer above.

The world map of “Nightfall” will contain new areas made using existing assets. According to Grimrukh, the inspiration for the new location comes from “The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask”, which they say is one of their favorite games. New fully voiced NPCs will also appear in mods and additional side missions that expand the newly written knowledge.

In “Dark Souls: Remake”, an elite knight confronts an ancient demon.
Photo: “Dark Souls” remastered Steam page

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