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This double-sided game from IDEAL

Summer is over and the nights have begun to fall. I do love fall because it’s the season of cozy evenings indoors, watching great TV, and playing games. We love family games here and we recently discovered This Side Up ideal This is a very fun reaction game!

Fast-paced flip-pack action game for ages 8+

I have to say that our family is a somewhat competitive group. If there’s a game involving high scoring, you can guarantee one of us will beat the team currently leading on the road!
Side Up is a lot of fun and a game you won’t be able to put down (literally).
There are 4 games to choose from and the rules are good and easy to follow.

How to play

  1. Press the start button twice.
  2. Hold the box and listen for commands.
  3. Throw the box in the air.
  4. Hold the box with your palms flat on the sides of the box, with the desired color facing up.
  5. Listen for the next color command and repeat.

This Side-Up game can be played with family and friends to compete for high scores, or played alone.

We will be taking this with us on our next vacation as I think it would be a great involvement for the whole family. If you’re like me and get organized and start your Christmas shopping, this would also make a great Christmas gift!

Available on Amazon.

Are you competitive when playing games? Or do you know someone who is competitive?

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