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Titus Welliver believes he has been replaced by writer Michael Connelly

Titus Welliver wants to know if he will be part of what is coming Bosch Due to poor communication with creator Michael Connery, the series was derived.

Connery, the author of the books on which the series is based, admitted in an interview Weekly newspaper He forgot to tell Wellliver that he will repeat his role in a new spin-off show on IMDb TV.

Welliver played detective Harry Bosch in all seven seasons of the show Amazon Prime Video, he also narrated Connery’s audio books.

When talking about Welliver’s dominance of Bosch’s role in the TV series, Connery said that he never doubted his choice, but he could have better conveyed this to Welliver.

speak Weekly newspaper Regarding a potentially destructive misunderstanding, Connery said: “When I told him,’Hey, we will spin off with Bosch as private investigators’ I was wrong. I felt a bit bad. He just nodded. .

“I didn’t think about it from the perspective of an actor, he thought,’So you have to restart it with a younger person or something,’ and he’s like’Who plays Bosch?'”

Connery quickly set a record for Welliver: “I thought,’Oh my God, you play Bosch, no one else can play Bosch, are you kidding me?’ Then suddenly he lights up, which is a matter of course.”

“Until today, I feel sorry for this. I think I did something wrong. I tried to convey the good news, but for 3 seconds, it was a feeling of’I was replaced.’ This is the fate of the actor,” Connery said. “I didn’t look at it from the perspective of an actor, which is a shame to me.”

“Bosch” actor Titus Williver believes that the author Michael Connery chose to replace him in a spin-off series on IMDb TV.
Amazon Studio/Getty Images

This Bosch The spin-off will follow Harry Bosch’s career as he left the Los Angeles Police Department and became a private investigator. Connery said he didn’t have to work hard to persuade Williefer to sign to replay his role in the new show.

“There is no need to persuade. I think he thinks this is the role of his life. For 30 years, he has been a role actor, you know, there are several names.”

Welliver will share the limelight of the new series with him Bosch Madison Linz plays his daughters Maddie Bosch and Mimi Rogers, and plays the honey “Money” Chandler.

Connery admitted to Newsweek that the opportunity to produce a spin-off TV series was unexpected because everyone thought SSeason 7 on Amazon Prime Video Will be the last one.

“It’s not always discussed. We were told that this is the ending when we entered Season 7, nothing more. It’s bitter and sweet to hear the ending, but we have an amazing run. It’s really good to know that it’s the ending. , So we can write the ending and ending of the character.”

Connery said that Amazon’s IMDb TV approached him, hoping to produce a spin-off show during the production of the seventh season. “They came to me and said,’There is a big change in your book, Bosch has changed from a policeman to a PI. Are you interested in continuing to do a show about private investigators?'”

Madison Linz and Titus Williver
In the 7th season of Amazon Prime Video’s “Bosch”, Madison Linz played Maddie Bosch, and Titus Welliver played her father Harry Bosch. They will all return to the spin-off series to be broadcast on IMDb TV.
Amazon Studio/ Hopper Stone

His answer is yes: “I think this is a bigger opportunity. I am very proud of the show we produced, but this is Bosch with a badge. He has rules and regulations as a policeman. He crossed the line, but It was never two feet across the line, so we held back.

Connery said: “For me, this gives us the opportunity to write and shoot a show that has a better and greater resonance with what is happening in the real world.”

This Bosch The derivative series has not yet received an official name, but it may be broadcast on IMDb TV during the year. There will be 10 episodes this season, and they will be released weekly on streaming services supported by free ads.

Sign up for an Amazon Prime account You can watch seasons 1-7 Bosch Now on Prime Video.

Bosch Detective Harry Bosch
Detective Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver) was involved in the case for the last time in Season 7 of “Bosch” and is now available to watch on Amazon Prime Video.
Hopstone/Amazon Studio

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