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TMBA591: The surprising habit of the rich and Noah Kagan

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Our good friend Noah Kagan A video was recently released that caught our attention.

Noah is the founder Sumo Net, And his YouTube channel has recently been a popular destination for thoughtful content about entrepreneurship and wealth creation.

That video is called 10 surprising things about my richest friendAnd in it, Noah outlines some specific habits he has seen time and time again among the wealthiest people he meets.

We were fascinated by some of his unorthodox ideas, and we had to talk to Noah to dig deeper.

In today’s show, Noah discusses with us the types of habits that the super-rich cultivate, how people become rich in the first place, and what we can do to imitate some of these behaviors.

Please see the full transcript below

Listen to this week’s show and understand:

  • What inspired Noah to explore this topic. (4:46)
  • Why don’t rich people become rich by investing. (16:42)
  • The rich are usually no smarter than the rest of us. (24:47)
  • The importance of putting yourself in a successful place. (34:13)
  • Why the richest people tend to “go all out.” (40:34)

Mentioned in the episode:

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Dan and Ian

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