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TMBA603: Return to the nomadic life

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Summer is here, and people begin to feel that things are returning to “normal”.

For many in the community, this means that we finally have the opportunity to pick up our backpacks and return to the nomadic life.

Jesse Schauberg Is the co-founder and CEO, A software-as-a-service platform that helps users add blogs to their websites.

Jesse has been a full-time nomad for more than 7 years. He joined us in this week’s podcast to discuss how he can transition from operating an agency to creating products and why he finds nomadic life so attractive.

If you are ready to go back on the road, or you may have decided that it is finally time to double up and go to remote areas, then this is the episode for you.

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Listen to this week’s show and understand:

  • The origin of (3:32)
  • Why agency is an important entry point for entrepreneurship, but it is difficult to expand the scale. (10:05)
  • What prompted Jesse to lead a nomadic life. (19:27)
  • How to live a nomadic life while still “owning one’s own place”. (30:18)
  • Jessie’s advice to people who are considering nomadic life. (46:08)

Mentioned in the episode:

Before exiting-our new book
cooperate with us
Dynamite Ring
Explosive work
Explosives sale
Tropical MBA on YouTube
Post remote work
Explosive Job-Remote Recruitment Sales Page
Let’s talk about advanced podcasting strategies 1 hour
Jesse Schoberg on Twitter
“4 Hours Work Week” by Tim Ferris
Noah Kagan

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(Transcript will be released soon)

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