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‘Tokyo Avengers’ 214 original scan, release date and forecast [Spoilers]

After Draken amplifies the scene by calling South Terano’s bluff, “Tokyo Avengers” 214 may show another explosive comic.

As things get more and more interesting, fans are now eager to touch the next chapter.

Spoiler and original scan release date

“Tokyo Avengers” releases new chapters every week. Unless the above schedule is delayed or changed, fans can look forward to watching “Tokyo Avengers” 214 on Wednesday. Fans waiting for the original scans and spoilers of the upcoming chapters can look forward to it online two or three days before the comic is scheduled to be released. Industry insiders usually share these spoilers on various social media sites and forums.

The latest comic installment is available at its official distributor Kodansha.

Chapter 214 Prediction and Spoilers

The previous chapter of “Tokyo Avengers” left many fans speechless when Draken spoke in a mess. The last panel of the comic shows Draken telling South Terano that they should start where they left off and “start this party.”

The former deputy captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang also teased the locals that “this engine hasn’t heated up for a while”, obviously referring to his fighting skills.

Photo: Toshiyuki IMAI/Flickr/

“Tokyo Avengers” 214 may show a one-on-one battle between Minan Terano and Draken. south In today’s world of criminals, he is a formidable name, and many people think he is a fierce warrior on the battlefield. He is also considered one of Tokyo’s most powerful senior managers.

Fans are very aware of Draken’s ability in battle.However, he hasn’t joined the gang for a while struggleSome people have speculated that how the former vice captain of the Manji Gang in Tokyo will compete with the top dog of the Rokuhara Carbon Generation?

Interestingly, Draken has repeatedly refused invitations from the South. In fact, he freely allowed Nan to beat him because he seemed to have made up his mind not to involve himself in the world of criminals.

Has the appearance of the “living legend” changed his mind? Will his decision to fight the South be his gateway to return to the chaotic world of Tokyo gangs? When “Tokyo Avengers” 214 is released next week, most of these questions will be answered.

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