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Vert Golden Glow: the perfect highlighter

Vert Golden Glow is priced at 1,295 Indian rupees, which is a highlighter that every woman should have. After frantically browsing various skin highlighters, I finally stumbled upon a 100% organic product that matched my skin tone and type perfectly. Vert Golden Glow works very well on my pearly complexion, it is my go-to product every time I want to add a natural glow to my face at the last minute. I have always wanted to know how celebrities get the gorgeous light they have always carried with them, and finally, I have a product that can release their secret beauty.

Vert Gold Highlighter

Vert Golden Glow is very simple to use. Simply apply the highlighter to baby pink blush or soft rose powder to add a “special” warmth to your face. I use Vert’s Miss Pink Sheer Blush, which is an organic pink blush that protects the skin from collateral damage. Since Miss Pink has a pale rose color, it adds an amazing base makeup effect to the highlighter. When used together, they create the perfect natural pink blush look. The natural luster promised by Vert makes you look young.

With the popularity of 3D cheekbones in the beauty rankings, Vert Golden Glow is undoubtedly the highlighter worth trying this year. As for the ingredients, this highlighter has the benefits of turmeric powder, French clay and jojoba oil. Therefore, this powder highlighter is more like Vert’s natural mineral gold powder. It is applied to your skin like a velvety mixture and will not dry out or disappear. To get a natural glow, I swipe this highlighter from the cheeks inward and then from the nose outwards.

For permanent nose or cheek work corrections, please check This mineral-based powder is suitable for all skin types. With just one swipe, the highlighter can highlight the cheekbones while diminishing imperfections. The healthy natural luster stays all day long and is an excellent choice for long-lasting products. The only drawback is that this highlighter is not equipped with an applicator.

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