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View the video highlights of the INVEST precision medicine conference from pediatrics to funding trends

INVEST Precision Medicine Conference focuses on the role of children’s hospitals, biopharmaceutical companies, diagnostic companies and startups in biopharmaceutical innovation. You can now view the video recording of the meeting session.

Pediatrics and Precision Medicine

A team of precision medicine experts from the Children’s Hospital participated in a dialogue, highlighting the work done to improve the diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases and pediatric cancers.

host: Samuel Blackman, MD, PhD, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of Day One Biopharmaceuticals


  • Josh Bonkowsky, MD, PhD, Medical Director, Intermountain Healthcare Junior Center for Personalized Medicine for Children
  • Tomi Pastinen, MD, PhD, Director of the Genomic Medicine Center of the Kansas City Children’s Charity Foundation
  • Dr. Peter White, Senior Director, Steve & Cindy Rasmussen Institute of Genomic Medicine, National Children’s Hospital

How can we improve health equity in precision medicine?

Targeted therapies for certain types of cancers to rare diseases provide new hope for these patient groups. But how do we ensure that the development of these treatments also takes into account minority communities?

host: Kemi Olugemo, MD, Executive Medical Director of Neurology Clinical Development, Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Kate Burke, MD, Senior Medical Consultant at PatientsLikeMe
Elisabeth Heath, MD, Karmanos Cancer Institute Urogenital Tumor Multidisciplinary Team Translational Science Chair and Deputy Director of the Center
Alyshia Merchant, founder, makes lupus look good

Software to support biopharmaceutical research and development

(Sponsored by Komodo Health)

There are many activities in the field of software companies focusing on cell and gene therapy research and development. The group explored some of the different approaches the company has taken to improve efficiency and avoid pitfalls in treatment development.

host: John Reites, CEO of THREAD Research


  • Aswin Chandrakantan, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Life Sciences, Komodo Health
  • Annie Harris, Covance Technical Support Director

Biological products and supply chain ballet

From the manufacturing process to the maintenance of extremely sensitive components in a controlled environment during transportation, the pathway to transport complex therapies to the destination is fraught with pitfalls. The group focused on how different organizations in the biopharmaceutical supply chain deal with the inherent challenges of producing and delivering cell and gene therapies and biologics.

host: Frank Vinluan, Senior Correspondent, MedCity News


  • Joe DePinto, Chief Commercial Officer of Vineti
  • Jason Foster, CEO of Ori Biotech
  • Dr. Claudia Zylberberg, founder and CEO of Akron Biotech

Current status of precision medicine

As more and more providers prescribe genetic testing, and more and more payers decide to cover it, precision medicine has been making progress. In this group, experts in the field gave a broad overview of where we are and where we need to go to realize the promise and potential of precision medicine.

host: Syapse founder Jonathan Hirsch (Jonathan Hirsch)


  • Daniel Knecht, MD, Vice President of Transformation Clinical Products, CVS Health
  • Dr. David Spetzler, President and Chief Scientific Officer of Caris Life Sciences
  • Nephi Walton, MD, Associate Medical Director of Precision Genomics, Intermountain Healthcare

Non-dilutive financing of life science start-ups

Panel discussions on non-dilutive funding sources for biopharmaceutical and medical technology startups, from government research and industry grants to industry partnerships and risky debt.

host: Stephen Nappi, Vice President of Technology Commercialization and Business Development, Temple University

  • Tom C.-C. Hu, Ph.D. MBA DABMP, Interdisciplinary Scientist/Project Officer, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
  • Tiffany Wilson, President and CEO of University City Science Center
  • Kelly Wylam, Director of Innovation Partnerships, Ben Franklin Technology Partners

photo: Susanna, Getty Images

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