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Virtual Reality (with Erika)-RST # 55-Italian Podcast

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In this episode, Erika and I will tell you our first experience of virtual reality. listen well!

Trip/trip = trim, trip
“You can’t see (cable) in virtual reality, so you may trip over”-7:15 AM

Intralciare = hinder
“The Cable That Obstructs You”-7:25

Belt = belt
“It’s like a leather belt”-8:02

Novice = beginner, “novice” person
“We are newbies” 9:02

Rimanerci male = feeling sad, disappointed
“If they tell you you must leave after half an hour, you will feel sad.” 9:57

Awakening = cause/cause, trigger
“The first one is one of the people who can arouse your emotions the most”-10:35

Sporgere = reach out, hang out
“A wooden board protruding from the edge of a building”-11:25

Tactile = touch, which involves touch
“They just put a piece of wood on you, so you also have a sense of balance”-12:23

MI tremevano le gambe – my legs are shaking
“My legs are shaking so much”-14:10

Hold on to something
“I want to stick to the building”-16:04

“We have to fly around the city with some kind of rocket” 17:05

Reaching the top = plummeting
Crashing = crashed, hit
Sfracellarsi = crushed into pieces, crushed
“I fell to the top of a mountain once […] Hit the wall […] I think I am going to smash” 17:55
Mi viene da… – I have an impulse…
“I want to bow”-21:35

Vaulting Horse-What do birds do in the air (e.g. eagle = eagle)
“This is a simulation of our rotation” 22:55

Archery = Archery
“Then Archery” 26:02

Mirare = goal
“We will use this bow to aim and hit the enemy” 26:25

Spada laser = lightsaber
“Because you are holding a lightsaber”-29:48

Is out of breath
“In the end I was out of breath”-31:50

Allettante-seductive, seductive, attractive
“There will be a better and more attractive universe-35:05

Toccare con mano – see it with your own eyes
“After experiencing the potential of virtual reality firsthand”-36:09

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